Shoots and edits videos and creates graphic and written content for internal and external audiences, including training videos, recruiting videos, public service announcements, promotional videos and visuals for the department’s internet and intranet websites and social media platforms. Works with training, strategic communications, recruiting, public information and community engagement functions of the police department.


Using video, web, photography, and social media, promotes the values and professionalism of the Tucson Police Department and educates the public on topics such as crime prevention, crime reporting, victim services, and community policing.
Shoots and edits videos for broadcast, internet, intranet, and social media platforms for internal and external audiences. Takes and modifies photographs to create visuals that tell a story. Drafts social media posts and web content.
Conducts research of other public safety videos, websites, and social media. Establishes relationships in and outside the department. Helps develop story ideas and themes. Interviews department members and members of the public.
Creates content for and helps develop and maintain department internet and intranet websites.
Working cooperatively with other staff, divisions, departments, and outside entities, researches, writes, designs, and creates advertising, marketing/recruiting, and educational video, audio, photographic, web, social media, and print content. Prepares presentation materials and reports on activities and results.
Coordinates virtual special events and photographs and videos in-person special events in cooperation with other staff, divisions, departments, and outside entities.
Performs administrative tasks such as answering messages, requesting information, running errands, scheduling, attending meetings, and completing reports.

Experience / Skills


Minimum Education Level & Type: Bachelor's Degree
Minimum Experience Qualifications: At least 4 years of experience in video production and/or web design, with minimum experience in video production being at least two (2) years (24 months).

This position requires passing a criminal background check and Motor Vehicle History Report.
This position requires a valid driver's license.
Employment offers are contingent upon successfully passing the above requirements.


Experience with web content management system software
Knowledge of HTML
Knowledge of CSS