Upcoming Directors, Filmmakers, and Film students


Dallas, Texas

Film / Motion Picture Production


125.00 — 150.00 per day

1265 Films

Tv Show on set Directing Internship — Surviving The Cartel
1265 Films is looking for upcoming directors, filmmakers, and film students interested in learning on set and directing a scene of an upcoming Tv Show Surviving The Cartel. All participants to this internship will receive the IMDb credit of Director and will be paid $150 per day, plus travel, hotel, and meals provided. Learn more about the show at www.survivingthecartel.com
To apply, please visit the show website www.survivingthecartel.com. Then, click on apply to direct a scene to submit your application.

Experience / Skills

Having already being on set and having already directing a short film.

About 1265 Films

On top of being an American independent entertainment company specialized in film distribution and the film and television production of scripts that are rejected by Hollywood, 1265 Films is the first subscription based film entrepreneurship company designed to teach filmmakers how to fully and independently thrive in the brutal entertainment market.