Location: Brooklyn, New York, United States

Company: Cinelease Studios


Primary focus will be to act as the liaison between Studio Operations and Production and is responsible for professional management of Studio facility. Must be proactive, have a working knowledge of production departments, and establish and maintain working relationship with production crew. Problem solving and multi-tasking issues that involve Operations, Production, Facilities, Security and Safety are overseen by Stage Manager. Stage Manager oversees production requests, vendor’s services, stage technical use, stage and facility coordination, facility use and a variety of clerical duties.

Summary of Responsibilities and Qualifications

Including the following overview of assignments, other duties may be assigned.

• Provide excellent public relations and customer service skills as liaison of studio status with studio staff and multiple productions to maintain a quality of service and establish credible working relationships with all production departments, vendors, and tenants
• Report well-informed information to immediate supervisor on studio activity, problems/potential problems identified, results of efforts, and recommendations for corrections
• Monitor and maintain a Daily Stage Status report of stage/mill use by production and studio departments
• Participate in walkthrough inspection of pre and postproduction stage and facilities studio property production tech scouts
• Knowledge and experience using production terminology in various production departments
• Provide guidance on stage process for load in/load out and shooting/pre-light processes
• Coordinate stage power access and use with Construction and Rigging Electric/Electric departments, conduct safety checks, and create power ticket for billing purposes
• Coordinate HVAC system & red-light bell system
• Coordinate with Production departments on use of stage, grid loads, stage floor loads and anchoring
• Coordinate with Production SPFX on Fire Marshall Fire Codes and State Liquid Propane Inspectors on inspections, permits, tests, use, and schedules
• Participate in project management of stage needs with studio facilities department
• Assume basic duties for facilities department after hours
• Coordinate with Studio Operations, productions and Security for traffic control and parking
• Review Stage Hot Lock Logs, Studio activity and Schedules

Experience / Skills

Requirements: Capable of using Microsoft Office for tracking, billing, creating forms and Microsoft Outlook to send, receive and respond to emails

Preferences: Have a working knowledge of both single phase and three phase power and the intended uses of each.