Seeking 3 video editors to join a team cutting 100+ educational kids shows in Adobe Premiere. Our post team will be working remotely for 4-5 months full time at $2,000/week.
Must be based near West LA and have experience cutting process shows (DIY, cooking, etc). We use a remote workflow with hard drives moved physically by a runner between a post house in Van Nuys and your location. The footage is 4.6K and a few TB for each episode so you need a fast system, 7 camera multi-cam.

Non-union, work from home on your own system cutting 12 min scripted episodes.
- First cut in 2 days.
- Revision in 1 day.
- It's very formulaic
- Requires attention to detail and quick pace.

The style of the show is to be seeing inserts as the cast talks about the props, so in theory it's simple.

To be considered, please submit reel / examples of relevant work and mention any experience you have working on process shows. The show is all about showing process. Also need to take well to a large volume of notes, coming from producers, educators, etc.