Located in Sarasota, FL. Cannot work remotely.
Episodic Series for social media
YT @vlogcreations

Responsibilities Include but are not limited to the following:
- Strong organizational skills and a precise attention to detail. This is required and must be demonstrated through verifiable industry experience.
- Must be diplomatic in communications and speak with clarity in both spoken and written forms.
- Must have the ability to source vendors as this role has a special emphasis on finding vendors for fabrication and prop creation needs, most of which will be unusual custom products.
- The ability to hire freelancers, sub-contractors, and negotiate with various vendors.
- Acquire needed equipment for all on-location shoots.
- Scout locations based on the needs for that week's shoot.
- Manage and create shooting schedules.
- Manage budgeting (tracking and quoting expenses, planning contingencies, etc.)
- Ability to manage project estimates and actuals.
- Proper management of shooting permits (when applicable).
- Oversee administrative work including processing W-9’s, submitting to payroll, processing NDA's etc.
- Initiate project scoping activities to acquire insights for effective production scheduling.
- Maturity to take a proactive approach to problem solving and identifying risks that affect project budgeting or scheduling.
- Maintain all supporting documents to track and report on project status and overall progress and completion.
- Proficiency in task management and planning tools such as OneNote, Google Sheets, Asana, Trello, TeamGantt and document sorting and archival tools such as Notion, Evernote, Excel.
- Needs to oversee the organization and distribution of production information to the cast and crew by communicating project goals, schedules, and deadlines to team members.
- Minimum of 10+ years of industry experience (or equivalent), with prior video production content, film, animation, or web development content experience. Again, this must be demonstratable and verifiable.
- An affective strategic planner who deftly adapts plans to evolving requirements.
- Over-seeing editors and graphic design to confirm projects are getting finished with excellence and efficiency.

Role Intentions
- Free up owner from having to prepare everything. As much as possible, allow owner to work only in his strengths which are acting and writing.

Day to Day Description
- When given a new idea, immediately seek to understand it fully. Ask as many questions as necessary to prevent needing to ask again. The less you can confidently not include owner in the production process, the better.
- When given a new idea, create the proper notes within OneNote and Google Sheets.
- When calling anyone or business, only reveal what is absolutely necessary. Sometimes we need to be coy to prevent idea theft or leaks into media before project has been completed.
- You will be working above the PAs and actors. Tell your PAs exactly what you would like them to do, so you can focus on the most important aspects of the project.
- Feel free to express any staff needs you see within the company.


Experience / Skills

- Minimum 10 years experience in TV/Reality production
*See description for complete list*