Mikooka Productions is an Israeli production company that was founded in 2008 as a home for the films and videos of director and producer Mika Orr. In 2019 the company opened its NYC branch, focusing on two long term and unique projects. These projects are both international by nature. They deal with burning social issues and seek to give a voice to underrepresented communities as well as discuss matters of gender.

*A feature-length documentary film following the lives of three displaced children around the world. The story will be told solely from the children’s perspectives and is shot over the span of more than two years in Africa, Colombia and Europe;

*A documentary/animation comedy web series about the human effort to define “normal,” being produced in collaboration with ARTE, a French/German television channel, and Kan, the Israeli public broadcaster.

Location: This is a full time position and possibly remote.
***This is an office role***

Rate: 250-300 / day

Please send a resume/CV and cover letter to office@mikooka.com detailing your experience in documentary film production, indie filmmaking and social films.

Duties include:
*Logistics and operations
*Coordination of shoots, international teams and schedules.
*Data entry, administration
*Proof reading
*Preparing submissions
*Helping with Bookkeeping

Experience / Skills

Required skills:

*Experience with Quickbooks.
*Must be based in NYC.

Preferably: Spanish as a second language, experience in a post-production environment, archival production.