Job Description

RougeMocap is looking for talented and enthusiastic Character TD / Rigger to join our team! This talented individual should be able to work with minimal input and feel comfortable working in a team environment. Our ideal candidate possesses strong technical skills in rigging, an artistic eye, and passion for video games.


Curating and maintaining our rigging pipeline, maintaining existing technology and integrating and exploring new rigging technologies
Developing and maintaining Facial rigging systems and exploring new technologies
Design, create, test, and maintain character rigs/setups
Work with modelers to create a model that meets technical needs
Collaborate with animators to design motion controls
Character skeletal rigging and deformation systems
Secondary and procedural systems such as dynamic joints, cloth and hair simulation.
Develop and maintain character motion and deformation systems
Develop new techniques and processes to solve character production challenges
Capable of writing pipeline tools to streamline the setup process
Work with production management to prioritize tasks

Experience / Skills


Expert knowledge of rigging and skinning (body and facial), performance capture processes and data manipulation, in-game animation systems and methodologies
Excellent skills in Maya and MotionBuilder or similar software
In-depth knowledge of FK/IK and FACs based systems
Scripting skills with leading 3D applications (Maya & Motion Builder) MEL, Python and Javascript, or similar scripting experience
Understanding of Modeling, Rigging, and Technical animation

About Rouge MoCap

We eat, breathe, and dream movement in the three dimensional space. If you have a project requiring 3d scanning of complex characters, rigging of body or face, or bringing your characters to life with motion and sound, you have come to the right place. We take the hassle out of searching and piecing together a team, by offering the complete virtual human pipeline in one place.