Seeking a Location Scout/Manager for short film "Purgy's" to be filmed in Los Angeles in February 2022.
The project will be a two days shoot, all shot in one bar.

Log line: At a magical bar, spirits from "the other side" are able to take the form of another human
and interact with those in their past who need closure and re-connection.

Looking for someone with an extensive Rolodex of bars of indie film-friendly natures, as in this case, it should be a neighborhood bar, one with either a window next to the front door, or on the door, so the ending shot of the movie, after smoke clears, and we are on the "Purgy's" sign outside, we can pan from the sign and see in at the bar, where a spirit bartender is greeted by the next soul. We do not necessarily want a funky bar that indicates purgatory but something interesting is okay. And room enough to move cameras around and position from as many angles as possible. Also the bar would ideally have nearby parking, of course a load in area and spaces somewhere to have crafty and holding.

Essentially the job is more of a scout in getting us to a bar. I will be out again form NY to scout myself in a few weeks. There will not be a need for you to be on set, but we will be giving the Location Manager credit as part of the deal.

Rate below is a flat fee Surrounding area within 25 miles is in play

Open to negotiating rate.

Experience / Skills

Experience in this area is a major plus.

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