Hello there, I’m shooting a short film Dec 3-5 in Slab City, CA on Alexa Mini. I’m looking for someone to pull focus for me and help with lenses and other camera department things. I’m taking a skeleton crew for this documentary style narrative that blends real actors with the locals of the off-the-grid desert community in a stripped down way.
$220/day for 3 days.

Travel from LA, meals, and motel lodging provided.
Please send resumes and vaccination status via email by clicking on the external application button.

for a sample of my previous work visit ezragentle.com

Experience / Skills

Additional Experience is a bonus
First Assistant Camera, 2nd AC, DIT, DP, Director of photography.

Preferred documentary/unscripted experience. Must love travel and adventure. Please Google/YouTube slab city before submitting (not your average place).