Part Time Graphic Designer

Part Time Graphic Designer Job Posting

Job Title: Part Time Graphic Designer and Operations Support

About Equiti Foods: Equiti Foods is a mission-driven company striving to support the local food economy and promote food equity. Based in Chapel Hill, NC, Equiti Foods produces Good Bowls, a healthy frozen meal based on the Mediterranean diet. We source ingredients for Good Bowls from local farmers and distribute our bowls using cost-offset and pay-it-forward models to ensure everyone has access to healthy, local food - regardless of income.

Job Description: The Equiti Foods team is small but growing quickly. We are looking for someone who will primarily provide graphic design support to the marketing team, but also help the operations team with weekly tasks such as inventory, delivery, and logistics.

The new team member will help Equiti Foods expand its media presence onto college campuses and to audiences throughout North Carolina with the design of web assets, social media posts, print materials, merchandise and a variety of other graphic design and illustration projects. The team member will also help with on-site photo and video production jobs and provide weekly support to the operations team during our time of rapid growth.

Essential Skills: Equiti Foods is looking for someone with the following skills and experience
Experience in graphic design with an expertise in Illustrator and Photoshop
Experience in online marketing campaigns
Knowledge of motion graphics is a bonus
Experience in video or photo production is also a plus
Ability and desire to help with product delivery. This requires loading and unloading boxes from our delivery truck. Candidates should be able to lift, move, and carry 40 pounds.

Additional Information about the role:
This is currently for a 25 hrs/week position with the possibility of more hours in the future
A portion of the work can be done remotely and a portion of the work will include in-person collaboration with the Equiti Foods team as well as some on-site production work
Due to the small and growing nature of Equiti Foods, we do not currently offer benefits to our employees. We do offer a flexible schedule and try our best to accommodate requests for time off.

A successful candidate:
Is passionate about food equity and believes in the power of healthy food.
Is flexible and adaptable and excited to work in a dynamic environment. As a small company, each team member wears many hats.
Is willing to learn new skills.
Is a self-starter and able to manage their time and multiple tasks.

How To Apply: If you are interested joining the Equiti Foods team, please email a resume, cover letter, and design examples to Jobs at

Experience / Skills

Experience as a graphic designer with an expertise in Photoshop and Illustrator
Experience in photo/video production is a plus
Experience in video post production is a plus

About Equiti Foods/Good Bowls

Equiti Foods is a Chapel Hill based company that makes a healthy frozen food called Good Bowls. We are currently expanding throughout North Carolina and are building a marketing and communications team.