Reports to: Producer

Word on Fire Catholic Ministries is seeking a Senior Video Editor to work under the leadership of Word on Fire’s Producer, in collaboration with Word on Fire’s production team, to creatively edit, post-produce, and further refine Word on Fire’s video endeavors, bringing beautiful media to the culture.

Responsibilities include, but are not limited to:
- Elevate Word on Fire video content through swift, elegant, narratively focused editing of regular YouTube content
- Collaborate with the production team in creative ideation and technical planning for new video projects from conception through final delivery
- Leverage expertise to guide the production team in refining internal post-production processes
- Shepherd larger form video projects, post-production supervising internal and external collaborators to execute the Word on Fire creative vision, partnering closely with finishing team, music supervisors, producers and creatives from ideation through final delivery
- Collaborate with other Word on Fire departments and staff as necessary
- Assist with audio and video recording in the Word on Fire Institute Studio space
- Review Production generated content for quality control, providing notes via
- Act as a liaison between Production and Marketing/Distribution departments as needed
- Identify areas for improvement and offer suggestions to maintain and advance Word on Fire studio spaces

Experience / Skills


- Artistic and story driven sensibility, technical expertise in all aspects of post production, experience editing short and long format work, and versioning experience
- 10+ years of experience at an offline editorial house, in-house advertising agency, or in-house commercial production company
- Deep knowledge and experience both creatively and technically in broadcast, web, theater and event deliverables
- Strong background in music and timing
- Deep understanding of the post production pipeline: Offline, online & conform, general compositing, screen compositing / replacement, picture clean up, logo & wire removal, rotoscoping, color correction, reflection removal, image stabilization, grain removal/matching, tracking, time/speed morphs, project archiving and mixing
- Proven understanding of devices, frame rates, codecs, file formats and cameras
- An extraordinary sense of taste and an ability to adapt to a variety of visual styles
- Outstanding communication and relationship skills, including collaborating cross-functionally within an organization
- Able to provide examples of work demonstrating creative sensibilities and represent an artistic point of view
- Ability to visualize the creative team’s vision in the early concepting stage and continual ideation with the team throughout the edit
- Expertise in FCPX, Premiere, After Effects, Compressor, Photoshop
- Bachelor's Degree or equivalent experience
- A discerning sensibility, able to anticipate audience perceptions and gracefully curate media content aligned with the Word on Fire mission
- Commitment to the mission of Word on Fire, which is to draw people into or back to the Catholic Church

Please submit a reel or samples of your work.

About Word on Fire

Founded by Bishop Robert Barron, Word on Fire Catholic Ministries is a nonprofit global media organization proclaiming Christ in the culture.