The Radio Systems Engineer will work closely with the chief radio engineer and other engineering teams to assist in planning our transition to the next generation of radio systems, IP technologies, and new radio architectures. The Radio Systems engineering position will be responsible for providing top-layer support & maintenance to our large infrastructure of radio and broadcast systems in a 24/7 live news/radio environment.


Install, maintain, and repair radio broadcast and transmission equipment

Independently manage and implement projects while working with the other broadcast system engineers and IT teams

Assist in planning and support of our transition to the next generation of radio & RF technologies

Develop and document procedures and workflow processes within the radio department

Interface with vendors and manufacturers to research and address support issues, feature requests, create bug reports

Implement and maintain standards and processes including rollout and support documentation for operational support

Follow routine maintenance procedures and schedules for all radio equipment


Bachelor's or equivalent technical / communications degree

Candidates must have 4+ years of experience in managing radio systems infrastructures

Experience with Windows Operating Systems, Remote Access Applications (VNC, Remote Desktop, etc.), network technologies, systems security, Cloud technologies, and network monitoring tools

Strong analytical and problem-solving skills

Demonstrate strong skills in the areas of analysis, organization, and escalation

Excellent communication skills, with a cool levelheaded approach

Able to clearly communicate actions and/or next steps

Strong desire to learn and cross-train in new technologies and passion to maintain current knowledge of relevant technologies

Ability to handle multiple tasks and projects simultaneously, working independently and as part of a team in a collaborative manner

Experience in the following key systems and technologies:

Sierra Automated Systems (SAS) Rubicon and i-SL Series of radio broadcast consoles

SAS 32KD analog and AES digital audio router system, RIOLink console mix engine hardware

SAS RCS router and console configuration/control software, RS-485 serial control wiring to SAS turret modules

Enco DAD audio workstation pc hardware, using Audio Science PCIe sound cards

Enco GPI/O wiring to external devices, Enco RS-232 serial and IP communication for control and drop/join command signaling

Comrex family of Audio-over-IP codecs – Bric Link, Access NX Portable, Access Multi-Rack

Telos Vx Engine talk show phone systems

Telos and JK audio POTS line phone hybrids

RTS/Telex Intercom system, AZ Edit, and RVON Edit intercom software

Adobe Audition editing software

Lawo VSM Systems

Familiar with Dante, AES-67, SMPTE 2110-30 Digital audio protocols

Use Excel to prepare detailed wiring cable number run lists, new project Bill of Materials, and equipment lists

Soldering and use of hand tools for cable fabrication and repair, and some board-level electronic component repair

Working Conditions

Candidates must be able to work a flexible schedule based on the needs of a live production environment

Strong team environment

Candidates will also participate in on-call support rotation and provide remote support

Physical requirements

The job will require that you need to have the ability to remove, lift and replace equipment in server racks