Creative Animator - Feature Documentary on Refugee Experience

Minneapolis, Minnesota (Allows Telecommuting)

Animation, Game Design & Simulation


Emergence Pictures

Job Description: Together In Hope Project, a choral group based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, is partnering with USA for UNHCR (the UN Refugee Agency) to create “The Stranger”, a project designed to raise global awareness about refugees and displaced persons, and to raise funds for humanitarian aid for refugees. Emergence Pictures is developing a film project utilizing a recording of this original choral composition and looking to collaborate with 1 or more animators to bring stories of the refugee experience to life. The music’s lyrics are inspired by diverse refugee experiences and we see the film as being a collaboration with an animator who may have a personal or familial refugee experience themselves. Sort of a combination of FLEE and FANTASIA? The big differentiation between this and FLEE is that the music and visuals would lead the narrative, rather than an interview. We're looking for animators to bring these pieces to life . . . preferably with their own personal refugee narratives to bring to the table.

Salary Range: We’re looking to develop a project around an animator or team of animators. The scope of the project could be relatively small to up to 90 minutes. It all depends on the team involved and their creative vision. As part of that, we'd develop a budget that we would raise to compensate them. They would not be expected to work for free, but we don't have a sense of how much to compensate someone for this project, as it is more of a collaboration than a direct hire. Hoping to work with a professional who can give a market-rate quote.

To Apply: Send your resume reel and links to any similar work, as well as your connection to the refugee experience.

Experience / Skills

Animation reel with strong emotional narrative skills. Preferably someone who is a fan of choral music and has their own refugee experience that they wish to explore through animation.

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