Video Editor

The Hotes Foundation is seeking a Full-time Video Editor position.

Candidate must have • 2 to 3 years’ experience and aptitude for post production such as video editing, sound mixing, basic color grading, graphics photo editing. This position will be working in-person with a collaborative creative team. This is not a remote position.

Essential Duties include but are not limited to:
• Edit exceptionally creative videos ranging from documentary to scripted content to be distributed across multiple digital platforms, for events, etc.
• Full-fill Internal video and multimedia requests.
• Post Production duties include but not limited too, importing footage, organizing media, making selects, audio syncing & editing, basic color grading, submitting sequences to Director/Producers for approval and refining until project is complete.
• Create quality production elements in a timely manner, often within tight deadlines. Including, during normal and atypical work hours.
• Review, proof and edit content with a critical eye in coordination with other team members.
• Photo Editing
• Motion Graphics

Desired Candidate Attributes:
1. Effective Communication Skills
2. Adaptability
3. Intrinsic motivation
4. Ability to overcome obstacles
5. Problem Solver
6. Positive attitude
7. Motivated by challenges
8. Attention to detail
9. Dependable
10. Work hard to get the job done

Knowledge, Skills & Abilities
• Proficient in non-linear video editing software (Adobe Premiere, AVID Media Composer)
• Proficient with Adobe Creative Suite, Premiere, After Effects, Adobe Audition, Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator
• Experience with video production equipment (ENG & DSLR cameras, lights, audio gear, etc.) a plus.
• Has a good sense of composition and aesthetic decision
• Incredible organization and media management skills
• Is able to establish priorities, meet deadlines and handle multiple competing tasks and demands
• Embraces feedback and input from supervisors and others to create exceptional work.
• Ability to represent the Hotes Foundation in an exciting and professional manner through content creation.
• Competent in required job skills and knowledge. Completes work assignments thoroughly and completely in an accurate, and prompt manner. Identifies and corrects errors. Is careful, alert and accurate, paying attention to details of the job.
• Shares and expresses thoughts in a clear and effective manner through verbal and written communication skills. Exhibits effective listening skills and builds positive relationships with all team members.
• Takes personal responsibility for getting things done in a way that positively and professionally represents the Hotes Foundation.
• Understands and supports the team and is quick to volunteer to assist others. Others view most interactions as being positive with a willingness to achieve common goals. Effective in working with others to cooperatively solve problems. Workplace behavior is consistently respectful of others.

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