To create content and work within the Mighty Studio team to deliver high-level content for a corporate client.

Introduction + Expectations
We are looking for an experienced, resourceful Video Story Producer that is capable of taking a project from concept creation to completion/final delivery. You will need to be comfortable leading and motivating your creative team within a culture of collaboration and critique. This person will work with their subsequent teams throughout all phases of production while working directly alongside our client in their Dallas headquarters.

Within this role, you should be able to:

Work with subsequent teams (employee's and freelancers alike) throughout all phases of production.
Communicate with the CEO and Account Manager for this particular corporate account under Mighty Studio on a daily basis.
Work with internal and external partners. Collaborate with our team, client teams, and vendor partners.
Produce client-focused content across a wide range of video deliverables.
Rapidly iterate within a culture of critique. Seek and accept feedback from the team often and adjust accordingly.
Efficient and actionable in workflow, time management and deadlines while staying ahead of the curve.
Be resourceful. Create assets when appropriate while leveraging existing assets when necessary. The details will vary widely from project to project so your style and workflow will need to be flexible.

Paid weekly NET45 via

Experience / Skills

Experience and Skills

This person should obtain the following skillsets:

Experience with live-action video production and all skills required to put together and lead crews effectively.
Highly organized and efficient with communication skills.
Experience with StudioBinder and other project management tools like Google Drive, HelloSign, Dropbox, and Microsoft Office.
Experience with HotBudget or softwares of the like.

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