A Salt Lake City-based video production company is looking for a talented individual to take on the role of a challenge/activity coordinator for a broadcast television show. This role requires working with a team, dedication to the project, problem solving in stressful environments, and a dash of creativity. This position is temporary/project-based, but has the potential to expand into future projects.

The Challenge Team is responsible for the development and administration of creative, physical and mental challenges that teams have to complete as part of the show. The position will be in two phases—working out of our office during development and testing in pre-production, and then administering the challenges on the road during filming of the show. The road phase commitment is between 2-3 weeks of production, 7 days a week, with moderate to heavy driving.

While on the road, you will be responsible for the set up and administration of the challenges each day. This includes challenge setup, execution, and break down.

The ideal candidate will have some experience in video/film production, or is looking to get started in the industry. In addition, while the hours are typically M-F 9-5, individuals will need to be flexible for potentially longer hours as we approach the filming dates.

In addition, challenge coordinators need to be able to clearly articulate rules and explanations to others, and have a firm grasp on proper administration of the challenges. Coordinators needs to be quick to answer questions and be prepared to handle unforeseen situations—including backup location scouting, prop repair/replacement, and environmental conditions.

While on the road, coordinators act as an independent crew and need to be reliable to ensure all aspects regarding the challenges are ready for when the contestants and camera crew arrives. You will need to be self-reliant and able to complete tasks on your own.

Why this might be the job for you
• You are looking to broaden your skillset in a film production environment
• You enjoy unique and challenging tasks and duties
• You are in need of something for approximately 4-months, but are open to future possibilities
• Long hours and heavy driving don’t phase you
• You are a team player, but can handle the job solo when on the road
• The thought of your ideas and creations broadcast to the world is exciting to you

Why this might not be the job for you
• You like a strictly defined office schedule
• You like repeating the same/similar tasks day in and day out
• You don’t like driving, or have concerns being away from home for several weeks during filming

****Must be willing to work out of SLC offices.