Starr Media is looking for a talented and experienced commercial editor for our full-time Senior Editor / Post Production Manager position. We are a small but mighty team, creating world-class commercial content for bluechip companies like Nike, Adidas, Tommy Hilfiger, Tiffany & Co., Spotify, Loreal and many more! We travel the world telling brand stories and enjoy the challenge of the fast-paced commercial production landscape and hope to find a senior editor to join our team and lead the charge in post production!

This is a senior position that requires both an artful approach to editing and an expert knowledge of the entire post production process. You must be able to handle a large workflow, managing simultaneous projects, multiple assistant editors and the pressure of the commercial production world. Your approach to the process must be detail-oriented, organizing large amounts of information, assets, and data. This position requires the highest level of professionalism, with the ability to work closely with Starr media staff, agency directors and client representatives through professional communication and etiquette.


- Lead Senior editor, setting the bar for editing techniques and quality at Starr Media

- Lead client editor, working directly with clients during in-person editing sessions

- High-level overview and management of all media, from ingest to archive, overseeing AEs protocols and execution

- Assist Post Supervisor with the Management of our edit team, helping with editor assignments and timelines

- Advise Post Supervisor on editors schedule and workflow

- Manage post hardware, such as our server, hard drives, computers, edit suite, etc.

- When needed, serve as post producer and client liaison to post.


- Pay is competitive for a senior level industry position

- Position includes benefits

- 4 Weeks of paid vacation in the first year


This position would require 1-2 months of travel per year for on-site editing / producing, including international travel, so a valid passport and ability to travel is required.

Work Hours

Standard office hours are 9a-7p, M-F, but some projects require night and/or weekend work.

Office Location: Times Square, New York, NY

Experience / Skills

Experience / Skills Needed:

- 10+ years as a post-production professional

- Master storytelling ability through the art of editing, with a supporting portfolio of work

- In-depth experience producing commercial and brand-based content

- Ability to manage a large workflow, with multiple projects, timelines and deadlines

- Adobe Premiere CC superuser

- Understanding of server, LTO, and asset management systems

- Experience managing a post-production team

- Ability to work fast, on extremely tight deadlines

- Please share with us any additional relevant skills

About Starr Media

Starr Media is a full-service video and broadcast production company that produces a wide range of media products, from commercials and marketing films to documentaries and broadcast entertainment, with a specialization in brand storytelling in the sport, music, and fashion industries. Founded in 2005, our company has produced innovative products for some of the world’s most reputable companies, organizations, and broadcasters.