The responsibility of the Graphics Animator is to design, build, animate and render graphical elements for all Raycom Sports’ broadcast and digital programming. Responsibilities include collaborating with producers and associate producers to conceptualize graphical look for various properties and to animate the individual elements with varying three-dimensional graphic applications. This position is responsible for delivering weekly elements for a wide variety of shows throughout the year in addition to delivering content to support project websites and social channels.

Other responsibilities, not related to specific job skills, include time management, the aptitude to communicate and work cohesively with many different types of individuals.

Essential Functions & Basic Duties:

 Build all aspects of typical live sports and entertainment events graphical broadcast package including opens, IDs, replay moves, name front ends, full screen graphics, among others.
 Deliver weekly graphical needs of live and tape broadcasts.
 Maintain file organizational structure that can be easily understood and accessed by editors/producers/associate producers in shared storage environment.
 Implement sponsor and school/event logos into various graphic environments while maintaining all native aspects of the logo.
 Work with marketing department in multi-step process of getting sponsor implementation approved by marketing agencies.
 Build graphics for digital application within various social media settings.
 Maintain daily functionality of animation PCs and software.
 Develop/expand plug-in library to improve overall look of graphics.
 Build graphics with elements of existing packages to support broadcast and digital properties with preexisting looks.
 Assist associate producers with basic graphical work in After Effects.
 Collaborate with Viz/Duet manager to meet needs of live graphical application within production trucks.

Experience / Skills

Knowledge, Skills, & Abilities:
 Expertise with the animation applications within the Adobe Creative Cloud, including After Effects, Photoshop, and Illustrator.
 Expertise with Cinema 4d animation software.
 Ability to take layered still graphic files, build 3d models and animate those models for video implementation
 Abilities to install/maintain plugins for all software listed above.
 Ability to organize files in a logical manner that can be understood by other editors.
 Creative decision-making skills.
 Knowledge of sports specifically football, basketball and automotive competition.
 Knowledge of television programming concepts, principles, methodology, and techniques.
 Knowledge of how graphical elements are utilized in live and post production environments.
 Ability to maintain consistent look/color of school/team logos.
 Ability to plan work schedules and assign duties; ability to provide or arrange for training.
 Strong interpersonal and communication skills and the ability to work effectively with a wide range of constituencies in a diverse community.
 Knowledge of Avid hardware/software including NEXIS, Media Composer and Media Central.
 Experience with non-linear editing.
 Knowledge of windows operating system, basic PC troubleshooting.
 Knowledge of television graphic design methods and techniques.