You are required to provide a dslr / video camera capable of NTSC 24fps (or 23.98) and 1-2 lavalier mics to record 1-2 people. Natural/standard profiles, no log necessary..

Light may be required for during winter hours. Interviews are limited to 3 hours filming time.

This excludes time for set up and b-roll around the house afterwards (around 4 hours total).

You are only in charge of recording as there will be a coach sent along with you to conduct the interview and guide your client through the process.

Please respond with your resume or reel and best time to have a chat.

I have tutorials to share and can answer any questions you may have about Wishlife.

Experience / Skills

Videographers must have prior professional experience setting up and filming interviews.

Must be comfortably capable of positioning your shot to capture the best image and sound quality possible.

Looking for shooters who can easily communicate with our clients in a professional manner.

About Wishlife.com

Wishlife is a private and secure platform that helps families to capture, organize, and share their stories and important documents with their loved ones. Our platform allows each client to leave a video legacy for future generations to get to know who they are and how they lived their life - from family stories and traditions to values, beliefs, retirement and life planning.

We offer our clients the luxury of an in-home video service. A team from Wishlife, comprised of a coach and videographer, are sent to the clients home. The coach expertly guides an in-depth interview which the videographer records. Once the interview is wrapped up, the videographer films b-roll of the home, meaningful decor, and possibly some posed shots of the client. The footage is then mailed to our editors where they can curate and upload these stories to the client's site to be shared with family and future generations.