Shooting Star Creativeworks is currently seeking highly-skilled VFX artists to work on an independent feature film with the quality, look and feel of a big-budget production. We seek those who possess not only expertise in the field, but also an imaginative and creative eye for bringing their OWN ideas and enhanced life to the FX shots.

Being an independent film, with a handful of individuals wearing many hats during its post production, your involvement in the VFX pipeline can be increased and elevated according to your abilities and interest.

Most of your work can be done remotely, with SALARY being based upon the number of FX shots you complete and the level of involvement you are able and willing to take on in the stages of post production.

Your PRODUCTION CREDIT within the film (and accordingly, on IMDb) may include multiple credits, and will also be based upon your creative input and the aspects of the film’s VFX pipeline that you have been qualified and willing to oversee.

The cast of the film includes Oakes Fegley (The Goldfinch, Disney’s Pete’s Dragon), Mary Jo Catlett (SpongeBob SquarePants), and a large ensemble of incredibly talented actors from film, TV and the Broadway stage. [Information about the film –– and production stills –– can be found following the links at: themoonmovie.com .]

Though some FX shots have already been completed on this project, there is still a large percentage of highly-complex and artistry-demanding shots and sequences still to be accomplished, some of which are “showpieces” and major plot devices of the story.

We prefer that you are able to work remotely on this project, using your own workstation and the VFX software with which you are trained and skilled. Workflow will mostly be RED R3D footage in 4K, 5K, and 6K formats, with all work being finished in 4K. (There is the possibly of working remotely with proxy files and rendering at our studios, though this is a less than ideal situation with its own set of complexities and issues.)

Our first meeting would be at our Bucks County, PA studio to review the film and the required shots. After that initial meeting, a majority if not all of your work could then be done remotely. (Transportation needs from NYC, Philly and surrounding areas can be addressed.)

If you are willing and able to accept additional VFX duties within post production, some of those responsibilities would require additional time here at the studio on one of our workstations (reviewing FX shots supplied by outside FX houses, etc.). If commuting to our studio during those periods of work is not feasible for you, there is a private cottage at the studio that could be used for your accommodations, with meals included.

Please provide your complete CONTACT INFORMATION along with your RÉSUMÉ (or a link to it).

Please provide links to any available DEMO REELS of your work, and if part of a collaboration, please make clear what aspects of the reel are your own, personal contributions.

Please provide us with an idea of your AVAILABILITY SCHEDULE between July 7, 2019 – September 30, 2019, informing us of any known dates or span of dates when you would be unavailable to focus your attention on this project.

Experience / Skills

Expertise and Creative Imagination in all aspects of VFX shot design, tracking, roto, keying, compositing, etc.

About Shooting Star Creativeworks

Shooting Star Creativeworks is an independent production company specializing in feature films, television and music.

Located in the pastoral countryside of Bucks County, PA, Shooting Star Creativeworks is helmed by executive producers Bill Jacobs and John Killwey. With a "creative family" of talented and dedicated artists and crafts people, Shooting Star brings stories to life with heart, soul, and exceptional quality.