Johnny Foreigner is an Agent representing Freelance Directors to Production Companies and Ad Agencies. We are originally London based where we enjoy our reputation as the #1 Agent with high calibre Directors and all the desirable clients.

We have recently expanded to the USA. We now have a strong roster of US based freelance Directors and have booked a number of jobs since launching in the US. The time has come for us to look for an Agent to handle all Stateside enquiries for Johnny Foreigner's American Directors and drive the company forward as the leading Freelance Directors Agent.

This is a perfect job for an ex Producer or Rep who is well connected within the advertising industry and knows the production process well enough to guide Directors through their careers and also help clients pick and choose the right Directors for their projects. The flexible hours and working from home would make this an ideal job for a young parent who is keen to keep a foot in the industry whilst taking care of family needs.

You will mainly be responsible for
- growing Johnny Foreigner's network of potential clients by sourcing Producers within Production Companies who work with freelance Directors.
- nurturing relationships with existing clients to ensure repeat business
- growing the roster of Directors to about 30
- managing Director's reels and careers through the means of sales and marketing, social media, occasional sales meetings, newsletter send-outs etc. Regular contact with Directors is also essential to build their trust and confidence
- handling of all enquiries, script / board flow and recommending relevant and available Directors
- negotiating Directors fees, handling contracts and managing schedules
- dealing with the regular Director applications to Johnny's roster as well as interviewing, vetting the Directors and then sending recommendations to the Management in London before hiring them.

Management is based in London and will work closely alongside you in the first 6-12 months but then full autonomy is required with regular calls for status updates.

Renumeration is entirely commission based, there is no retainer. As Johnny Foreigner is relatively new to the States, the initial year will have less payout but depending on your performance we would aim for you to be making a minimum of $50k per year. In later years we'd be expecting $100,000+
More information on this further down the line but it's important to state that you would be coming on board not as an employee but as a partner in the business who initially invests their time in the company's long-term growth. New York is an ideal location however applicants from Chicago and Los Angeles would also be considered.

Experience / Skills

-Minimum 5 years Production (ideally live action production but editorial / post will also be considered)
-Or minimum 5 years rep experience
-Eye for talent
-Able to work alone and self-motivate
-Long term visions

About Johnny Foreigner

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