Line Producer manages the budget and day-to-day physical aspects of production for each project. Line Producer hires key members of the crew and negotiates deals with vendors.

During Pre-Production, Line Producers work closely with the creative director, director, production manager to prepare the production schedule and budget and to set the shoot date. Line Producer oversee all other Pre-Production activities, including hiring the production team, Location scouting, sourcing equipment and suppliers, and selecting crew.

During production, Line Producer are responsible of overseeing all activities, and ensuring that the production is completed on time and within budget. This requires setting up and implementing financial monitoring systems, controlling production expenditure, controlling production materials, and monitoring and controlling the progress of productions.

Experience / Skills

* High level of attention to detail
*Must have strong writing skills and a gift for storytelling
*Must have a keen visual eye and strong sense of what works with web videos and social video trends
*Ability to travel with the teams when necessary
*3 years relevant experience in a similar role
* Must have strong organizational skills in order to effectively perform duties as listed above
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