Do you want to travel the country producing life-changing news reports? No weekends, nights or holidays? Do you want your stories aired on more than 100 TV stations across the country with the potential to be seen by 42 million viewers? Ivanhoe is looking for the right person to join our news team to learn to produce stories that impact millions.

Ivanhoe Broadcast News is a nationally syndicated television news service. We cover medical breakthroughs, family health news and news of interest to women. You must have a 4 year college degree. If you thrive on reporting life-changing news and putting an element of “wow” into every story, you’re the one we’re looking for. Candidates must have outstanding writing, copy editing, graphic sense and organizational skills. How to tell a great story through video is what you will learn in this job.

We have an immediate opening:

Assistant Producer to Join Our News Team—$550 per week plus benefits. The AP will be responsible for supporting a news team in-house, as well as a group of field producers nationwide. You will learn to produce exciting stories of your own with leading experts around the country. Again, only apply if you have a 4 year college degree and at least 1 year experience in TV, radio or newspaper and are willing to move to Orlando for the AP Position by January 6, 2020.

If you are a recent journalism degree but no TV experience, we will consider you an intern for 120 days at $400 per week but upon successful completion you will be promoted to assistant producer.


*Interview national experts
* Write compelling news reports
* Pitch ideas
* Organize shoots
* Prepare script packages for stations

E-mail resume to:
Kim Groves by clicking on the external application
or mail it to:
Kim Groves
Ivanhoe Broadcast News
P.O. Box 865
Orlando, FL 32802
No phone calls

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Experience / Skills

1 year experience in TV, radio or newspaper

About Ivanhoe Broadcast News

Headquartered in Orlando, Florida, Ivanhoe Broadcast News is the country's largest television news-gathering organization covering medical breakthroughs, parenting and family health and issues of importance to women.