We are looking for a dedicated technician who has a passion for working in the field of Live Event Production. Applicants must be proficient in at least one of our three main core skills of our company, Audio, Video and or Lighting. The core duties for this position are running Production equipment onsite for events, setting and striking as well as troubleshooting. The position does travel for events, paid for by the company and averages 60% of your duties. When not deployed, Techs work in the warehouse prepping and restoring shows. We train in house for any skill sets needed, bring in outside vendors and pay for certifications within the industry. We work events in live production, ranging from Movie Reveal parties with top level brands to private corporate events and press releases. We travel the NASCAR circuit mixing opening ceremonies for TV, as well as produce over 50 concerts per year varying in size.

Experience / Skills

5 Years of experience is preferred. The ability to either Mix on a console, Program Lighting or wire and operate a switcher is required. Ability to perform physical labor, lift at least 50 pounds and work in out door conditions is required. Any experience in managing a crew, coordinating an event or quoting production work is a plus.

About CSM Production

CSM Production is an Entertainment and Live Event company. Producing events across the US, turn key from fabrication to technical support, staging to brands, signage to PR.