Job Purpose: Senior level algorithm design engineer to help design and fine-tune Ipera Technology’s Pixel Magic video enhancement core engine.

Job Duties:

-Responsible for the development of adaptive bit rate streaming protocol algorithms and their software implementation on multi-core processor architectures.
-Key duties will include analysis and characterization of network topologies and bottlenecks, software implementation of transcoding and streaming protocols and technology transfer to the product team.
-Will act as a resource for resolving customer and product integration issues and support follow-on opportunities for the next generation.
-Responsibilities also include video enhancement, video compression and streaming algorithm development and software implementation on high performance multi-core processors.
-Involvement in the creation and development of new video processing concepts, systems, and intellectual property rights throughout the entire product life cycle.
-Must be able to effectively communicate and demonstrate new product functionalities to customers and senior management.

Experience / Skills


-Must have demonstrated strong ability to design video processing algorithm from a concept to a finished product.
-Strong C/C++, Matlab, and assembly programming skills.
-Thorough understanding of real-time algorithm design, video compression, signal processing filter design, and embedded system design.
-Familiar with MPEG compression standards.
-Have experience of designing at least one commercially viable codec or enhancement product from start to finish.
-MS/PhD in EE or related field and 5+ years of industry experience.

About Ipera Technology

Ipera is looking for smart and creative people to help drive market expansion and growth for disruptive video transcoder & video enhancement products for a high-growth, innovative technology company.