The company. The people. The mission. uniqFEED provides virtual advertising solutions for the live sports industry. By overlaying perimeter boards with targeted virtual signage in sports venues, our software helps create entirely new broadcast revenue streams and hence transforms the commercial model of live events. As the audience comprises a wide range of target groups – on a national, but more so international and global level – tailoring advertising content to specific target markets, fan and consumer segments offers huge untapped commercial potential. Our company provides a broad range of additional services ranging from digital carpets to real-time reporting and post-production concepts. uniqFEED is looking to expand into new markets with a special focus on Europe and Asia. Employees at uniqFEED work hard, support each other and are constructive challengers. Our employees embody a work ethic founded on collaboration, integrity and respect in an environment that promotes a performance culture and rewards achievement. We employ brilliant minds from over 20 different nationalities who are eager to harness their passion for sports and technology in order to strengthen uniqFEED’s position as a leading provider of virtual advertising in the sports industry and prepare the company for growth.

What are we looking for? A dedicated professional who can hit the ground running. uniqFEED is seeking a highly skilled CCO to join a fast-paced start-up company entering a crucial period of growth.

Your role will be fundamental in evaluating and executing our sales approach, and thus rapidly growing and broadening our client base.
Responsibilities? Key to this role is strong leadership and ability to prospect, define and sell our products and services up to the client’s signature. Equally important, you develop and guide your team preparing the groundwork in the areas of communication, brand, business development, marketplace and product management. You are reporting to the CEO & Founder and your remit will include the following key responsibilities:

• Member of the firm’s Executive Committee
• Planning, execution and delivery of the commercial plan and sales strategy
• Creation of sales tools and high-quality sales materials in support of an efficient customer
acquisition process
• Exploring and prospecting the market to secure new clients
• Ability to source high-potential leads and follow deals through to successful completion
• Leading the commercial division and developing your assigned staff both professionally and
• Working closely with the Managing Director in the US; uniqFEED USA Inc. office is based in
New York

JobAd CCO 2/2

• Shaping and building a uniqFEED Marketplace solution to bring together rights holders and sponsors
• Ensuring close cooperation with the Product Management division to include the clients’ needs in future software development
• Establishing a consistent and appropriate Communication & Marketing approach for our company

Experience / Skills

Requirements? A distinct set of hard and soft skills. You have an interest in sports, media and the sponsorship industry. You are a motivated individual who excels at organization and communication and whose planning skills are second to none – someone who is always two steps ahead of the game. This comes together with a proven track record in selling sports properties from start to finish and an unparalleled high-profile contact network in the sports industry. You don’t go with the flow – you define the flow and as a motivator, you are fun to work with. You have ideas and an innovative mind, are not
shy to express your opinions, and get excited about executing plans. You are able to discuss new business aspects that the CEO & Founder is involved in, and you possess a get-things-done-attitude, and the ability to keep calm when under pressure. In simple terms: your commitment brings positive energy to teams and any given task. Ideally, you bring the following to the position:

• 8-10 years of sales experience working in a leadership role with exposure at C-level
management in the international sports environment
• Proven track record in selling sports properties ideally both on the media and sponsorship side
• Current and wide network of top-level contacts in the sports industry
• Excellent command of English in both spoken and written business communication; German
and/or Spanish are a plus
• Approachable leadership personality with finely honed social skills, familiar with working in an
multicultural environment that reflects openness to diversity and the ability to grow and
nurture a team
• Understanding of what it takes to build a strong marketing and sales team to underpin and
deliver lasting results
• Proactive and exceptional flair in establishing permanent relationships with clients
• Self-starter mentality, conscientious and able to quickly adapt to and execute tasks
• Agile and creative thinker with proven problem-solving skills, the ability to analyze situations
accurately and decide on the proper course of action
• Willingness to undertake a variety of tasks and the flexibility to work in different time zones around the world when required
• Willingness to travel worldwide

What is in it for you? Aside from the rewarding nature of the role, the people, the start-up culture and the modern office environment, there are other perks that make uniqFEED a great place to work. Taking on a role in a fast-growing company, working closely with the CEO & Founder as well as the experienced Board of Directors and having the opportunity to become a core member of a reputed executive team are just a few of the upsides to working with us. The CEO recognizes that success is accredited to talented and hard-working executive members, and he is interested in recruiting new leadership who will deliver and exceed on expectations and set a fast pace. These efforts will be rewarded with a competitive remuneration package and further benefits such as our phantom stock option plan (PSOP). If this opportunity sparks your interest, please submit a complete application, including CV with photo, cover letter, testimonials, and diplomas