We need an experienced Production Designer who can pull off highly challenging and creative designs.

Our Last Feature was huge hit in our Language (Telugu). Amazon purchased it as an Exclusive Streaming partner!.
Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zu9vi75nyrE

This Film (working title Production 2) will start on Oct 1 -Oct 31. and will be completely shot in and around LA.

We have an interval and climax scenes which needs extensive design and fabrication to pull off our vision

Interval Scene:
Booby Trapped house.

Climax Scene:
Escape room Siuation:
Room One: Molten Lava, Gasoline (will actually water or something like that) and race against time for the actors to open and escape to the next room
Room two: Walls Closing in. The walls are illuminated, but are also made up of tiny pins and needles.
Final escape:We are currently thinking of a water escape. Need inputs from experienced PD's

Budget is a challenge for us right now. But that is where the creativity and challenge is isnt it? Anyone can do it in a million dollars!!!!

But here is what is in it for you: Gateway to Tollywood. Our next film is highly anticipated and if we pull this off, the entire crew will be very very busy for a considerable amount of time. Tollywood makes as many movies as Bollywood if not more!

Directly ping and me and we can start getting creative....

Remember, resources are constrained and there in lies the challenge and the mission....
Please do not waste our time and your time, if you think you cannot do it.

Budget for entire production design department is $40000 (Includes salary for PD and his team, Fabrication, Set props and expendables etc)

Experience / Skills

Thorough experience in Film Industry with attention to detail.

About Offbeat Films

We made an Indie feature and that was released on Amazon Prime on 6th of November 2020.
URL: https://www.amazon.com/Gatham-Bhargava-Poludasu/dp/B08MKLHVD6