The purpose of this position is to serve as liaison and principal technical lead between the sales team and the engineering/operations teams. Specifically monitoring project requirements on a hardware and staffing level, the Project Engineer will have familiarity with LMG fleet capabilities for all mobile units, flypacks and available inventory for each and every project on the LMG calendar. Communication of day to day changes for scheduled events between the teams is the responsibility of the Project Engineer. The Project Engineer will work to create and update accurate pack lists for each event and manage equipment rentals when needed for events to ensure all technical requirements are in place prior to specific events..

Position Responsibilities:
● Work with the EVP and VP Engineering and Operations, to review technical requirements needed for events when bids are being constructed.
● Once an event is sold/firmed, manages the equipment/technical requirements and staffing levels required for each event working directly with staff and clients.
● Work with the sales representatives to assist in designing special or unusual shows in which the client needs extra technical design assistance.
● Act as the principal technical bridge, problem solver and coordinating resource between truck engineers, client and sales manager for events, managing the events once they are confirmed.
● Assist with the accuracy of event pack lists and crew assignments for mobile television units and fly packs used for remote TV events
● Assist with tracking technical project details on show sheets and within File Maker Pro
● Supervise rental of additionally required equipment beyond LMG inventory
● Meet regularly with the VP of Engineering and Operations to review projects and ensure that budgetary targets are met, costs are reduced, human capital is used to full efficiency and there is a continual increase in client satisfaction.
● Communicate changes to schedules and job requirements to staff in a consistent manner.
● Supervise invoice adjustments as they pertain to onsite changes such as shipping, overtime, or damages
● Review EIC reports from each show, addressing mistakes or omissions for reference on future similar shows and work with Engineering and Repairs to ensure repairs are in order and completed in a timely manner so that equipment is repaired efficiently and cost effectively for proper utilization.
● Review missing and damaged reports post-show for billing and replacement purposes
● Attend regularly scheduled meetings and conference calls
● As needed, travel to events as necessary or required.
● Other duties as assigned

Experience / Skills

● Technical or Bachelor’s degree in Communications, Production, Business or related field desired, however a combination of education and experience will be considered.
● Experience working with various software programs such as Microsoft Office, Google Workspace, FileMaker Pro, Quickbooks or similar types of software systems.
● Knowledge of broadcast technology, equipment, facilities, and production for commercial and cable TV networks desirable.
● Demonstrated skills in professional communication and an ability to interact with a wide range of individuals.
● Attention to detail, exceptional organizational skills and the ability to multitask and meet deadlines.
● Although minimal, candidate should be willing and able to travel if required.

About Live Mobile Group (A Division of Live Media Group Holdings)

Live Mobile Group, a division of Live Media Group Holdings, has quickly established itself as the largest provider of mid-size production/hybrid and uplink combination units in the U.S. Through its acquisitions along with its existing fleet of mobile units, Live Mobile Group can service any client’s needs on multiple production levels.