We are looking for a freelance camera op to join our Project:863 team. Our content style is a combination of traditional vlog, guerilla style documentary comedic, and cinematic sequences. This project offers a consistent film day, weekly for the foreseeable future. Currently we film every Thursday. We are looking for someone to bring their knowledge and passion for filming to our team.

*Expected Outcomes*
- Successfully capture and record all visual and audio aspects of our production on film days per show standards.
- Know and apply the technical aspects of lenses, film, filters, light and camera settings to each shot to ensure the director receives the desired footage.
- Positively contributed to the on set experience and shoot day.

*Film Day*
- Shoot starts on time with needed prep already done.
- Received any notes you need before filming. Assessed the area you will be filming in to account for any obstacles.
- Captured video an audio successfully and followed direction.
- Continuously monitored camera settings and audio to ensure they were up to standard.
- Change camera settings, and equipment to get the right lighting, focus, and exposure.
- Took cues from the director.
*After Filming*
- Correctly put filming equipment back in camera room.
- Ensured proper and timely hand off of footage.

Open to negotiation based on qualification and experience.
Location: Santa Clarita, CA. MUST have reliable form of transportation. Occasional offsite filming.

Experience / Skills

Looking for a camera op that has previous experience handling a camera rig and on set experience. Comparable mediums are short films, reality tv, documentary. You must be able to handle the shoulder mounted rig and move freely with it while monitoring audio with a headset.

About Spellbound Inc

What used to be Hi5 Studios is now Spellbound Inc. An in house production company based in southern California. Our most popular channels on youtube are the narrative series "Project:863" and the product review channel "Dope or Nope".