Assistant Crewing Manager
The Assistant Crewing Manager position is responsible for assisting with pre-production labor coordination including, but not limited to virtual productions, hybrid productions, and in-person productions. The work directly supports the Crewing Manager by updating databases, sourcing staff, building crew sheets and informational documents, and disseminating critical details on a daily basis.

Essential Duties & Responsibilities:
-Communicates with producers, technical directors, and production coordinators to review production details, labor requirements, and schedules
-Utilizes company-preferred staff lists to build production crews with the most qualified personnel
-Contacts external labor vendors to source and book additional production personnel
-Surveys personnel availability every month to maintain availability spreadsheets
-Resolves crew issues, verifying requirements for each day, confirming availability and bookings of the crew, and increasing or decreasing staff size as necessary
-Communicates recommendations to leadership on present/future production needs and personnel needed to meet production objectives
-Other duties as assigned

Working Conditions
Physical Demands:
This position requires long hours of sitting and using computers, which can cause eye and muscle strain
Sensory Demands:
This position requires long hours of intense concentration. This position must also spend long hours on the computer entering thorough information which requires attention to detail and high levels of accuracy
Mental Demands:
Efficiently multitasking, managing high workflows, and prioritizing deadlines associated with this position may cause significant stress
Ability to work "on-call" as needed including some nights and weekends

Experience / Skills

Required Skills & Qualifications:
Experience in the entertainment industry, or an equivalent combination of education and relevant experience
Critical thinking, analytical, and problem-solving skills
Ability to communicate, expressing requirements and expectations to a wide range of individuals
Strong organizational and time-management skills
Proficient in Mac or Windows operating systems, Microsoft Office Suite, Google Workspace, and Slack
Availability to work "on-call" as needed to address changes in production schedules, labor positionings, and emergencies

Desired Skills & Qualifications:
-Experience with labor coordination software, such as Lasso, Mertz Crew, When2Work, InitLive, PARim
-Experience with labor databases, such as ProductionHub and Staff Me Up

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