Hollywood Casting and Film is accepting creative interns seeking to strengthen their knowledge and gain expertise and experience in: screenwriting, directing, producing, casting, casting direction, video and film production, and online community management. Interns will be provided with opportunities to work on special short films written and directed and produced by experience award-winning filmmakers and receive credit and build resume experience. Interns will also be invited to network with experienced industry professionals (virtually). Applicants are encouraged to express their field of interests when applying for the internship pertaining to the entertainment path they’d like to pursue after the internship.

We are looking for an individual who thrives in creative thinking and is passionate about learning the 'behind-the-scenes' and the big picture of a studio, and more importantly an individual who is genuinely interested in working in the entertainment field in production (writing, directing, producing) or casting (pre-production). Internships are 3-months long and available for Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall seasons.

Internship will be primarily remote, and requiring availability of up to 10-15 hours a week, and secondarily will require interns to be on set of film shoots when in production. Shoots are scheduled to be 1-day shoots in 1-2 locations in Los Angeles.


- Intern alongside experienced filmmakers on special in-house shorts films (in all phases of production: pre, pro, and post)

- Develop story ideas and concepts for short films
- Write, direct, produce short film scripts based on the guidelines given by our creative studio
- Welcoming and introducing filmmakers and actors during virtual events
- Assist with casting sessions, general entertainment research, and development of upcoming featured projects
- Organize and maintain online video assets for production, general media management, help create media pertaining to the project you’re working on
- Ability to work various shifts and hours including weekend
- Minimum 10-15 hours/week
- Assist as Production Assistant and other principal crew positions on set of our in-house film productions

Background / Skills:
- Currently enrolled in a Bachelor's or Associate's degree program focused on communications, film studies, Film/TV production, digital media technology, or related major is a plus
- Recent graduate or about to graduate
- Previous entertainment internship or work experience is a plus, but not a requirement
- Entrepreneurial spirit and can-do attitude
- Strong interest in entertainment industry
- Casting experience a plus
- Ability to work in team environment and independently
- Strong organizational skills, with high attention to detail
- Independent thinker and self-starter
- Creative thinker with strong development skills
- Strong problem-solving abilities
- Solid writing and communication skills
- Computer Savvy, comfortable working with MAC or PC
- Must be able to work on your own laptop
Salary: Unpaid, for experience, college credit for students.

Experience / Skills

Must have completed at least a few films, and be adept at writing, shooting, and editing your own work.

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