We are looking for organized creative professionals with experience in content creation, post-production editing and social media management. This includes but is not limited to the knowledge of: video/ audio editing, adobe creative cloud, podcast and film equipment, social media management, administration and communicating effectively with potential customers. You will be working in a fast paced, growing studio environment whose main purpose is to help content creators jump the gap from low level to high quality content. You main job will be completing the add-ons and post-production of each customer's finished product in coordination with your content team. You will assist the office managers and creators with various administrative tasks and have the opportunity to bonus off studio subscriptions- this does not require sales skills. Just the ability to get excited on our tours and explain our purpose. This position offers a lot of opportunity for growth if you bring hard work, loyalty and dedication to the larger mission of helping our community make content.

Experience / Skills


● Proficiency in Adobe Creative Suite (Premiere, After Effects, Audacity, Photoshop, etc) and
preferably own a Macbook.
● Follow post-production processes and edit content according to the specifics of project and content team manager.
● Maintain social media during office hours networks on a daily basis, including but not limited to
Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn...
● Basic graphic design for ads, social media or infographic purposes.
● Vet and reach out to possible content creators to schedule studio time & track incoming
● Daily community management to drive positive brand conversations - ensure questions,
comments are responded to in a high-touch timely manner. IE: Monitor social media
platforms for customer feedback, etc
● Use social media marketing tools to promote our brand and products.
● Be able to recommend process improvements and identify problems and potential system
● Coordinate day schedule
● Explain studio packages to potential customers

● Team player
● Excited to bring many ideas forward and see them through
● Excited to bring many ideas forward and see them through
● Obtain a diplomatic and problem-solving attitude
● A superb eye for attention to detail, style, and visual composition
● Excellent professional verbal and written communication skills, initiative and follow-up skills.
● Ability to write basic copy.
● Must be able to lift and move boxes over 25 lbs
● Support creators in setting up lights and equipment during shoots
● Set up and distribute photos/videos to clients via online portal
● Able to assist Creative Producers with source inspiration, brainstorm and developing

About Content Corner Studio

Content Corner Studio is a state of the art creative facility coming to Orlando in late summer! Our mission is to equip people with the tools and environment to produce quality content that they love. We will provide all the tools necessary to record professional grade podcasts, video, photo shoots and marketing materials. Our content team will offer post production add ons like editing and social media marketing. This team will also complete various administrative tasks for the business and have the opportunity to make commission off of self generated studio subscriptions.