We are an upcoming production that’s seeking an animation studio or team of experts that work with animated and live content creation.

Our show is one that’s thought provoking and empowering and one of the first of it’s kind. We are seeking people looking to be apart of something meaningful, groundbreaking and life changing. Again there will be animation, CGI and live aspects.

The animators are responsible for creating a series of images known as frames, to simulate movement. Their duties include working with creative professionals including storytellers, designers and voice actors to produce films, video games or graphics for commercials and other forms of TV entertainment.

Animator Duties and Responsibilities:
An animator needs to be able to carry out certain tasks to excel at their job. These duties and responsibilities include:

-Conceptualizing ideas for characters, scenes, backgrounds and other animation elements
-Creating character sketches for new animations based on design briefs
-Developing storyboards for animation projects
-Designing backgrounds, sets and other elements of the animated environment
-Developing timing and pacing of motion, based on audio requirements
-Working with the story editors to merge the various layers of animation
-Recording dialogue for the animation, where necessary
Collaborating with other creatives including designers, photographers and other animators to finalize projects

Experience / Skills

A successful Animator candidate will have the following prerequisite skills and qualifications:

-Excellent creativity and originality
-Superior graphic design skills
-Superior knowledge of the 12 principles of animation such as staging, timing, ease in, ease out and anticipation
-Proficiency in the use of design and animation software
-In-depth understanding of mathematical and geometric concepts
-Knowledge of color theory
-Great attention to detail
-Ability to work in large teams