Flex Type On-Site - This role is considered on-site, which means the employee will work from a Company designated location on an ongoing basis.

Job Summary:
Responsible for directing Studio and Remote television productions by coordinating show information in advance, then disseminating the information to the production and operational units. Team builder with strong production and technical knowledge required.


Direct live productions from the control room or mobile unit by “calling the shots”; coordinate and execute all aspects of a fast-paced "live" show, both scripted and unscripted.
Provide clear, concise and orderly communication of traffic to all involved during each assigned production.
In advance of the production, coordinate the rundown to reflect the concepts and editorial themes in such elements as video, audio and graphics.
Communicate the necessary information about elements of the show such as live shots, studio guests, graphic requirements; coordinate any accompanying paperwork.
Oversee all aspects of the production, including lighting, camera blocking, visual effects, graphics and timing to ensure a quality presentation.
Participate in meetings with managers and producers to develop the concepts, editorial themes and specific narratives for assigned productions.

Experience / Skills

Basic Qualifications:

Minimum of 10 years’ major market experience or network equivalent preferred.
A thorough understanding of television production is mandatory.
Clear, concise and comprehensive verbal communication skills are required.
Ability to think quickly in a pressure situation is a necessity.
Leadership skills are a must as the position includes facility and crew oversight, organization and show execution, plus problem solving.
Hard working, detail oriented, creative; passionate about production and interested in technology.
Preferred Qualifications:

Bilingual (Spanish/English) fluency preferred
Required Education:

High school diploma or equivalent

Preferred Education:

Bachelor's Degree or equivalent

• An employee at this level is an experienced professional specializing in a given functional field by developing a depth/breadth of expertise