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Video Production Facility Manager

Chicago, Illinois

Multimedia Video Producer

Merced, California

Video Producer/Director (College Athletics)

Baltimore, Maryland

Executive Director of Video

New York, New York

Video Editor

Austin, Texas

Freelance Animator

Culver City, California

Location Assistant

San Diego, California

Video Production Assistant

San Francisco, California

Location Assistant

Houston, Texas

Art Director

Los Angeles, California

Technical Director / Video Technician

Seattle, Washington

3D Generalists (Maya) and VFX Compositors

Toronto, Ontario

Senior Assignment Editor

Los Angeles, California

Sales/Account Representative (Video Production Industry)

Los Angeles, California

Videographer and Editor

Ames, Iowa

Digital Production Manager (DPM)

Vancouver, British Columbia

Production Assistant

Chicago, Illinois

Scheduling Coordinator

New York, New York

Full Time Faculty Appointment - Computer Animation, Game Art, and Illustration

Sarasota, Florida