Online Bookings, Apps and Other Technology Are Core to Restaurant, Hotel and Tourist Attraction Businesses Now More Than Ever Before

MISSION VIEJO, CA--(Marketwired - Dec 29, 2015) - A restaurant that can't follow up an online search with a booking will lose business. The same goes for a hotel, entertainment venue or other hospitality industry business. Being able to operate across multiple IT platforms seamlessly and securely is key to success, and TeamLogic IT is making a name for itself in this fast-growing area.

"People are doing more with phones and tablets than ever when it comes to looking around for a place to eat or stay, or for something to do when they are traveling," said Chuck Lennon, president of TeamLogic IT. "If they find a business, but then can't connect with it, they'll keep on scrolling to the next opportunity."

That's where TeamLogic IT comes in. TeamLogic IT is a top-rated technology franchise solving major headaches for small and medium-sized businesses by offering managed IT service solutions that turn technology into an ally rather than an obstacle. TeamLogic IT franchisees meet a universal need among today's businesses: the need for rock-solid IT solutions that prevent downtime and provide security for critical data.

The service-oriented, outward-facing nature of hospitality venues means that they can lose sight of their back-office operations when it comes to IT. They are adept at social media and at keeping their name out on aggregator websites for local tourism, but they often fail to have the systems in place to handle heavy demand.

"If you put out on Facebook that you're having a Valentine's Day package of a free night and a discounted dinner at your hotel, then you'd better be ready for some traffic," Lennon said. "If people can't make a reservation online through their PC, tablet or phone, that business may be lost. Why take the chance?"

Hospitality businesses can eliminate that uncertainty by joining forces with a trusted partner to make sure that their IT systems can handle inquiries, reservations and other booking needs quickly and efficiently.

"The hospitality industry is one I point out to TeamLogic IT franchise owners when we talk about prime opportunities for managed services contracts," Lennon said. "Those operators need to make sure that all of their systems, from software to hardware to servers to cloud-based services, are running at full capacity. They don't have time to pay attention to software patches or system updates and upgrades. A TeamLogic IT franchise is there to do that for them, and they are thrilled to have that chore off their plate."

The concept of core business services is one that the hospitality industry gets instinctively, Lennon added.

"They are focused on creating a memorable guest experience. When we tell them that we are the same way -- they are our guests, and their IT systems are what we are there to take care of, all day, every day -- a light bulb goes on," he said. "It's a very solid relationship that benefits everyone involved."

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Chuck Lennon
TeamLogic IT President

Source: Marketwired