February 2017

Sports Production Goes All In

Next Level Technologies Drive the Viewer Experience

We have to start with the Super Bowl. Every year millions of viewers gather in living rooms and man caves all over America and the world to soak in the spectacle that has become one of the most-viewed sporting events of the year. Think about it. Two weeks of pure hype leading up to Super Bowl Sunday. Five Million Dollars for a thirty-second spot. Countless hours of pre-game analysis and breakdown of almost every aspect of what is to come. A whirlwind symphony of production personnel by the hundreds and new technology with one goal. That one goal is to make the viewer experience unforgettable.

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Is Producing Sports Like Playing Them? 4 Lessons from Super Bowl 51

The Super Bowl packs enough drama to turn even the most unrepentant non-fan into a super fan for a day. Leading up to the 51st face off, we had the hype, the social media darlings, and the hashtags. Some hoped their team would #RiseUp. Others wondered if theirs would win #OneMore. At the core of all of it was one thing: the story.

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Gotta Love 4K: Latest 4K Trends / New Products


Many of us “industry veterans” have marveled to see the exponential rate of speed at which our industry has grown. My partner, Mark Schulze, started our video production business “Crystal Pyramid Productions” in 1981. So together we have witnessed the advent of videotape (VHS, Beta (which met with a tragic death), ¾”, 1”, Betacam SP, D2 and DVCam). We moved from 4x3 standard definition to 16x9 HD. Then we abandoned tape and entered the digital realm of discs and cards. We held our breath during the “3D Scare,” thinking we might have to address the need for it with our clients. Fortunately, nobody seems to appreciate wearing those 3D glasses. 

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Atomos Shogun Flame: A Whole Lot to LOVE

In Review: Atomos Inferno Flame 4K HDR Field Monitor/Recorder

So there is a lot to like about the physical structure and layout of the Atomos Flame. Weighing in at a scant 38.6 ounces with batteries and media, the Flame is in one word - solid. Big enough, but not too big. The wrap-around case and bumpers would most likely protect the unit if it got whacked but not if it was dropped.

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Why Brand Messaging is Important for Video Advertising, Commercials & more!

4 Tips for Developing the Message of Your Brand Video

The average human attention span is seven seconds. The average attention span of a goldfish is nine seconds. You can draw your own conclusions here, but the truth is that we would rather click play on a video than read an article about the same topic. In fact, if this article were in the form of a compelling video, it would get a higher engagement rate and you would feel like you know me a little better by the end.

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Core SWX is Steady Choice for Motion State

Logo Motion State, the world’s premier stabilized camera system operating company, maintains its power at the forefront of camera movement with Core SWX Hypercore SLIM HC8 batteries. Specializing in commercial, narrative, action sports, and documentary production for some of th best-known consumer brands, Motion State relies on Core SWX, a leader in battery and charging solutions, exclusively for its V-mount needs and to power a wide array of cameras, lens control systems, monitors and remote controls.

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The Success of La La Land: Exactly What This Means for Production

Broadway has gone from banished to A-List. Turn on the television and you are bound to find “Broadway-style” musicals. Who would have thought? I’ve known for a while that Broadway can mean big dollars, as have dozens of theater producers. This time around, however, networks—and big-time dollars—seem to be catching on, too.

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Keys to Being Social Media Savvy in the World of Sports Production

Have you tweeted about a game you watched on television this week or shared a clip of a goal on Facebook? If you haven’t, chances are someone you know has. Across sports broadcast production, we’re seeing social media playing a much more prominent role. Broadcasters are using interactivity to their advantage, getting profound and valuable feedback from their audience and engaging with them to leverage multiscreen interaction.

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Logo K-Tek: great products and superior service. Various boom poles with many options for all budgets and applications. All Klassic (graphite) and Avalon (graphite or aluminum) poles are Made in USA.

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Pro Sports Programming Scores at New York Festivals International Television & Film Awards

Logo New York Festivals® International Television & Film Awards has honored the World’s Best TV & Filmsâ„  since 1957. The competition celebrates the world’s most compelling stories being created today across all platforms in all lengths and forms— sports, journalism, documentary, corporate, promos, films, and drama. 

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