July 2017

RED Announces Hydrogen One

This past Thursday, RED announced the Hydrogen One. The specifics were few and far between but according to the information out there so far, here is what we do know. According to RED, the Hydrogen One will run the Android operating system on a 5.7-inch "hydrogen holographic display." This according to RED will make glasses a thing of the past.

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Auburn University Athletics: Off the Field & On Your TV Screen


Imagine what it's like to capture video of all of the crazy game plays and touchdown passes. And how exactly does all of the amazing footage end up on your TV screen? Weston Carter, Director of Video Services, Auburn Athletics Department, answered a few questions about the whole process.

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Before Starting Your Own Production Company, Know These 5 Things

When the moment comes to starting your own business, it’s important to consider the numerous aspects that come with running a production company. To help with this, highlighted below are five things you need to know before you start your production company.

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Produce More Live Events and Reduce Your Costs Per Production

LiveU's wireless At-Home Production solution allows production companies to reduce costs by producing live shows from a centralized studio control room instead of on-site production and satellite trucks. Sending less equipment and crew into the field allows event producers to maximize their in-house resources and increase efficiencies across the board.

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AT&T SHAPE at Warner Bros. Studios

Logo Join us for AT&T SHAPE at Warner Bros. Studios in Los Angeles on July 14–15, 2017. SHAPE is an immersive event that explores the convergence of technology and entertainment. Be inspired by luminary speakers, interactive demos and hands-on creation activities. Tour Warner Bros. Studios’ outdoor sets and soundstages and get an up-close look at authentic props and costumes from iconic films. Register today and use code PRODHUB for 50% off the registration fee at checkout.

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So You Want to Make It as a Freelancer? Here Are 4 Tried-And-True Tips

Whether you start your freelancing career as a calculated choice or land there by accident—you’re in good company. It’s clear there’s business to be won for talented, hard-working independent contractors. But, that doesn’t mean it’s just going to happen all by itself. It’s important to have a plan if you really want to make a viable career path of it.

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The Atomos Sumo is Coming Sooner Than You Thought

Logo Atomos has recently announced that the 19-inch 4Kp60 production monitor recorder with AtomHDR is shipping early. A limited release is already on its way from the factory, with mass production following in mid-July. Perfect for both on-set and post-production, it has all the key features previously announced.

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Striding forwards in R&D development and experimental VFX

Logo New experimental VFX videos, designed to showcase complex simulations and highly detailed 3D animation, have been released by the R&D team at SBLabs. Saddington Baynes are well-known for pushing the boundaries of technical innovation in the creative industry, establishing an R&D arm known as SBLabs to showcase this in-house ability. 

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