March 2020

Virtual 2020 NAB: The New Normal or What We Know So Far

It goes without saying that we are now in uncharted territory. Or are we? Yes, the actual physical 2020 NAB has been postponed, but you knew that already. So, what are companies big and small doing to respond to the crisis and how will they get their message out to the masses? Let’s take a look.

The Benefits of NAS in a Pro Workflow

A “NAS” in straightforward terms is a device that shares data to devices connected to a data network, such as a home or business network. This can be as simple as a low-cost single-drive NAS device with limited feature sets and in most case limited performance, DIY servers made from off the shelf components, or even exotic Production grade solutions with 12 or more hard drives, flash devices to increase performance and stability, and advanced File systems like ZFS to protect your data from bit rot. Mostly, it's a computer designed to protect, share, and expand your data. What might have taken hours or days to transfer and copy might take minutes with a server in your life.

Marshall POV Cameras Take eSports Broadcasts to the Next Level With ‘Player Cam’

Over the last decade, eSports has become really big business. Spurred on by the phenomenal growth of live Web streaming, the craze is gaining momentum at a rapid, if not unfathomable pace. For Producer Tim Reis, improving the quality of his “player cams” with Marshall Electronics CV502 Miniature Camera, helped to bring a more immersive, all access experience to his broadcasts and live streams.

Choosing the right lenses: What to buy, what to rent, what to avoid

Whether it’s framing as a storytelling device, the marvels of the latest gear, or the wonderful world of lenses, video professionals all have our areas we can geek out about. For Patrick O’Donnell of Eye to Eye Video, it’s the latter. His love affair with lenses started as a kid staring at catalogs and has now led him to a successful career as a tourist with better toys. 

NAB President and CEO Gordon Smith Announces NAB Show Off for April, Reviewing Options for Event Later This Year


NAB President and CEO Gordon Smith today issued the following letter to the NAB Show community regarding plans for NAB Show in light of coronavirus concerns. 

In the interest of addressing the health and safety concerns of our stakeholders and in consultation with partners throughout the media and entertainment industry, we have decided not to move forward with NAB Show in April. We are currently considering a number of potential alternatives to create the best possible experience for our community.

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