December 2014

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Matrox & Monarch HD Video Streaming
JVC Pro's 4KCAM product line
Sony Creative Software & the Catalyst Prepare
Band Pro Film & Digital Products

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2014 Holiday Gift Guide for Tech Geeks


With the holidays upon us, we compiled a list of cool gear and tech to give your favorite video pro a jolly big smile. 

Whether it's a last minute stocking-stuffer or an unexpected holiday surprise, we're sure you'll find something worthwhile on our 2014 gift guide! 

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Master the Art of 4K Editing with Avid

Logo High-resolution is taking over digital cinema, but it’s still a niche in television and streaming media. So should you care? If you produce content, and want to make money on that content in the long term, you should absolutely care. Mastering in 4K lets you future-proof your content.

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5 Tips to Ensure Your Video Doesn't Suck

...just in time for the new year

Logo Whether it's a doc, a short or your demo reel, making sure you're video doesn't suck is key to landing that gig you want. So with the new year, let's start a new list of what shouldn't be lacking in any of your 2015 projects.  

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Bloggers Wanted!

The PROspective is currently seeking individuals interested in writing equipment reviews, industry tips & tricks, interviews and featured articles. We are particularly interested in topics like production equipment, digital media, film/motion picture, editing software and video production. 

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