June 2016

8 Questions to Ask Before Shooting a Cinematic Wedding Video with a Drone

If you’re going to use a drone to capture the perfect moment at your next wedding gig, here are a few questions that will keep you out of trouble and your clients happy:

1. "Will you use voice amplification during the ceremony?"

Drones are noisy, and by now you have seen a fair share of wedding officiants that speak in a whisper. Even a small and nimble Phantom 4 is enough to drown out the vows for the back rows, so bringing this up is important, because it’s easy to plan for.

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3 Things to Think About When Choosing Music for Video

At the risk of upsetting the visual creatives out there, I’m just going to go ahead and call BS on the idea that when it comes to video, music is only kind of important. Like those guests who are kind of important enough to be invited to your wedding, but then find themselves sitting at the kids’ table.

Nope, music in video is crucial. Choose the wrong background track and all the hard work put in by your video team could very well be for nought. It doesn’t matter what it is (advert, promo, or explainer video) music must be given the same consideration as your visuals (I’m looking at you, animators!). 

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DCS Event on Camera Support, Accessories, and the Latest Canon Cameras

Logo Come see the latest Canon cameras along with key support and accessories necessary to create a complete camera package at the Canon Hollywood Center, Saturday July 23, 2016.

There are many components in addition to the camera that are necessary to assembling a successful Digital Cinema acquisition package. Equipment buyers sometimes put all their resources into the camera, and try to skimp on the proper support and accessories, which can greatly diminish the utility of their package. 

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5 Stock Footage Shots That Can Save the Day

In a perfect world, you have all the time, money, and resources to shoot or source custom video, and all the footage is perfect, exactly what you need. Instead, your world is constrained by tight deadlines, small budgets, technical snafus, and bad planning. Thankfully, stock footage will not only save your bacon, it can enhance your film or video project. Here are five kinds of stock footage shots to the rescue.

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Logo Check out the Award winning Atomos HDR line-up fresh from NAB. The Flame series which is available now combines the very best monitoring and recording technology in a single touchscreen device. Monitor on a 1500-nit high bright, 10-bit HDR calibrated screen and record to ProRes or DNxHR files onto affordable media.

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The Ultimate Video Editor's Wish List

Over the last three decades, I have served as both a Camera Operator on various shoots in San Diego and as a Video Editor.  It is good to have experience in both realms because as an Editor you know what to shoot, and as a Shooter you keep in mind all the shots that the Editor will want. “Tape is cheap” is an adage popular during the digital tape days meaning that the camera operator shouldn’t feel constrained about shooting a lot of footage.  Strive to be the camera op whose every clip is usable. 

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Logo K-Tek: great products and superior service. Various boom poles with many options for all budgets and applications. All Klassic (graphite) and Avalon (graphite or aluminum) poles are Made in USA.

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