October 2016

The lastest exclusive interviews from Photoplus Expo 2016!

Carl Zeiss Showcases Lens Gears for Photo to Cinema Applications at PhotoPlus 2016 Carl Zeiss Showcases Lens Gears for Photo to Cinema Applications at PhotoPlus 2016
Westcott announces Rapid Box Strip XL at PhotoPlus 2016 Westcott announces Rapid Box Strip XL at PhotoPlus 2016
G-Technology previews G-DRIVE USB Type-C Solutions at PhotoPlus 2016 G-Technology previews G-DRIVE USB Type-C Solutions at PhotoPlus 2016
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Avoid the Zombie Crew: 7 Ways to Take Care of Your Crew On-Set

Cold eyed they stared at me, moaning softly to themselves. It was as if there was something they wanted to say, but they couldn’t quite figure out how to formulate the words. I knew I had to do something. They needed food and they needed food now - or the next thing on the menu might be me!

That’s a small exaggeration, but you‘ve probably had times where you felt like a zombie after a long day on set. We may laugh about how hard we work (and even have a certain bravado about it), but one of the biggest dangers on a set is a zombie crew - a crew that’s run out of energy and is operating on fumes - because this can lead to missed footage, improperly shot scenes or even injuries.

—[

Atomos Shogun Inferno, Now Shipping!


The world’s most advanced on-camera monitor, the Shogun Inferno is now shipping. Combining class-leading, HDR monitoring (10-bit processing, 1500-nit brightness, HDR waveform), ProRes or DNxHR recording up to 4K 60p and even Raw recording from Arri, Sony, Canon and Panasonic (free firmware update Q4 2016), this is the most cost-effective recording from the world’s leading cinema cameras. 

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The Virtual Sound of Reality: AES 2016

This fall, audio professionals from all around the world convened at the 141st AES Convention in downtown LA to check out the leading-edge audio technology and gear of 2016. Not only was the Los Angeles Convention Center jammed with countless exhibit floors, but there was also a myriad of seminars where attendees gathered to gain insight on these new developments. Some of the highlights included VR/360° audio microphones, virtual microphones and ground-breaking audio plug-ins that now change the way engineers can mix, master and record.

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Logo Wowza Media Systems delivers award-winning, extensible media streaming software and cloud services to make any streaming use case as simple as possible. Wowza technology enables more than 19,000 customers in 170+ countries to expand their reach, more deeply engage audiences, and increase monetization opportunities.
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5 Wicked Mistakes to Make While Filming

Picture this, you get home from a grueling shoot and realize to your red-faced chagrin that you have absolutely nothing to work with. The audio is shoddy, the shots are overexposed, the focus is wrecked... Whatever it is, you’ve botched the project and you may never get a second chance to fix it.

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Shooting Wide with the Leica Cine MacroLux

Many people have used diopters for macro work, but the Leica Cine MacroLux can be used with wide-angle lenses too. And the results can be stunning and unexpected. Cinematographer Colt Seman details how he used the MacroLux in a recent Film & Digital Times article.

Meet the GOPRO Team and Learn About the Latest from Adobe


GoPro is looking for editors and creative professionals to join their community and you are invited to find out how! On Wednesday, November 9 th 2016 in Santa Monica, the Los Angeles Post Production Group is welcoming the GoPro team to come and speak about three of their exciting programs. The team is interested in meeting freelance editors and will share opportunities for making money with your GoPro content as well as programs to improve your skill set. Plus, Adobe’s Al Mooney will return to the group to share the latest from Adobe Premiere Pro and the Creative Cloud. In addition to valuable networking time, there will be light refreshments courtesy of GoPro and over $5000 worth of prizes to be given away!

Avoid Making These 3 Frightening Mistakes During Production


One of my personal pet peeves is a lack of communication. If someone sends an email, leaves a message, or texts you, return the message or the phone call in a reasonable amount of time. If you’re not interested in a project, it’s okay to say no. It frees the person up to move on to other people who might be interested.

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Quick Tip: How to Perfect the Injury Wound

Makeup artist, Danielle Minnella, on helpful Halloween makeup tips on a budget


What you need: 

  • A couple of tubes of Eyelash glue or Elmers school glue
  • Tissue paper or toilet paper
  • Fake blood
  • Foundation makeup that matches your skin tone
  • Tooth pick
  • Various red & black shades of cake makeup
  • Makeup sponges


Apply the glue all over the area you will be working on.  (Avoid eyes)

Rip up paper so there are no hard edges and add one layer at a time in an uneven pattern. Make the wound the size of your chosing.

Glue.. layer.. glue..layer and so on. Each layer adds dimension for realistic effect. I'd go four layers minimum. Let dry then add your skin tone foundation on top of the tissue paper so it blends with skin. Take tooth pick or whatever else you choose to do this with and puncture through the paper to lift edges as if skin was ripped up in any pattern you want. This can be one straight slit or many slits; it's up to you!

After you cut through the paper you will see your own skin. Color that skin in with dark and light reds and the edges black for dimension. Add some reds also on the outside of wound onto the tissue paper so it looks like the skin is Infected. Then, add in fake blood into the slit/slits!

*The image was taken from Google, and is not an image from Danielle. 

Logo Known for audio bags by audio people, Stingray’s Mixer Bags, back-saving Harness and smart accessory line offers location inspired solutions for audio professionals to make everyday tasks quicker and easier.
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ProductionHUB Announces Winners of User Survey, Awards Over 5K in Prizes

We would like to extend a very special thank you to all of those who participated in filling out our user survey. Click to view the full list of winners and prizes they will receive.

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