DoP Pete Rowe Praises Outsight Creamsource Sky for Adaptability and Color Management on TV Series: Zapped

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Emily John

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Pete Rowe, award-winning Director of Photography, trusted Outsight Creamsource Sky, a water resistant five color 1200W LED light system, to light the 2016 TV series, Zapped. The fantasy-comedy series stars UK actor James Buckley as Brian, who is transported to a parallel world of wizards and warriors. The first season aired on UKTV’s channel Dave and is available on their catch-up service UKTV Play.

Pinewood MBS, the exclusive provider of lighting and grip equipment at Pinewood Studios provided Rowe with 10 Creamsource Sky from Outsight. Rowe, who has worked across a broad range of productions including Yonderland, The Bad Education Movie, Friday Night Dinner and The Wrong Door, said, “We had a modest TV production budget and timeframe for Zapped which often meant the team did not have the luxury of resetting the lighting between set ups. Creamsource Sky was extremely flexible; therefore, we were able to make quick adjustments to the lighting quickly and easily for each shot during production.”

Rowe relied on Creamsource Sky’s ability to create day and night looks. “One of the big advantages of using the Sky was its ability to change color temperature, allowing us to use the same units for day and night scenes and to change between the two at the flick of a fader on the lighting desk.” explained Rowe. This was due to Creamsource Sky’s array of six powerful LED Engines as well as hue and saturation controls that makes any color possible.

“In total, we needed 10 lighting sources for our studio "Exterior" sets, and I was worried about studio space during filming. However, the Sky’s compact design meant that space was not an issue and it still delivered an incredibly wide and even beam,” he said. “Filming Zapped was the first time that I had had the opportunity to use the Sky. If the choice of kit was up to me, I would use Outsight lighting for every production in the future,” he said.

“As a pioneer in film and television lighting, we’ve designed our LED lights to be beautiful, flexible and tough,” said Tama Berkeljon, Managing Director, Outsight. “DoPs around the world are discovering that our Creamsource lights are built for the creativity that is needed on set or on location, with repeatable results.”

About Outsight:
An industry pioneer since 2005, Outsight has provided hundreds of innovative solutions to the film and TV industry. Our rapid design, construction and delivery abilities coupled with exacting quality standards has brought us in close contact with some of the most progressive companies in the content production world. Outsight’s lights have been used on many recent and upcoming feature films including Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, Ghost in the Shell, Thor: Ragnarok, Mad Max: Fury Road, Captain America: Civil War, Independence Day 2 and The Hobbit trilogy.