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NEW FLUOTEC´S CINELIGHT Studio™ with LED Tunable CCT Pure White Light™ LEDTPWL™ technology.
FLUOTEC delivers the most comprehensive Lineup of Lighting Solutions for Sustainable, Affordable, Value added High Quality and Efficient and Ecological system for Modern Broadcast Televisión and Cinema Productions
FLUOTEC’s advanced research, science, technology, and manufacturing lighting advancements, have been integrated into all
Studio and Production Lighting with new LED Tunable CCT Pure White Light™ LEDTPWL™Technology

This new LEDTPWL™ LED Tunable CCT Pure White Light technology creates highly accurate broadcast and photo quality color, in a continuous range from 2700K Tungsten to 6500K Daylight, CCT correlated color temperature.
The CINELIGHT™ by FLUOTEC ™ advanced digital LED system delivers a high lumen luminous flux, that allows very high illuminance/foot candle constant output in Broadcast and Cinema Studios.
To archive this amazing feat FLUOTEC combines long throw optics, high reflectance louvers, NEBULA™ Soft Light Diffusion and Halodim™ stepless
0-100% dimming technologies, to render beautiful skin tones and faithfully reproduce the full color gamut of clothing, backgrounds, props & furniture in stages and sets.

Equally impressive is the system unique ability to change the CCT color temperature without affecting the lights overall output, relieving a headache that has frustrated Lighting Directors, Directors of Photography, Cameraman and Broadcast Producers since the advent of BiColor LEDs.
Often during a production, its creative direction will require changing a light’s color, for example to accommodate a scenes different time of day, changes in a subject skin tones, or to match color shifts in other ambient light sources.
It is extremely important to be able to change a fixture’s color CCT without changing its output.
FLUOTEC’s CINELIGHT ™ Pure White Light technology was designed to resolve this problem.
The ability to pre-set lighting output levels, and then make the changes to color, often needed to accommodate the creative direction of a production, without having to go back and re-set those output levels is a significant advancement in the art of lighting.

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