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Maximum Impact is a new collection of epic trailer music composed, recorded and produced to create an intense emotional score for trailers.

Working with leading composers in the field from around the world, and producing the music to the highest level, we are spanning all genres from stirring emotional drama through explosive apocalyptic action and everything in-between.

At Audio Network, we know that successful trailer music delivers an intense emotional backdrop with a clear musical hook to engage the audience. Captivating and often beautiful, it can evoke an ominous sense of expectation, or deliver an assault on the senses. Every album is recorded and produced to achieve maximum impact!

Audio Network is thrilled to be launching the collection with four albums by legendary trailer composer Mark Petrie. The first album, Atonement has a classic sound focusing on dramatic percussion and stirring orchestral themes. Supervoid moves into a more hybrid world with electronic production, synths and sweeps. Both albums were recorded at Abbey Road and, to create as epic a sound as possible, mixed in LA by Satoshi Noguchi who has brought a real dynamism to the production.

To make the editor’s job as simple as possible many of the intense action pieces feature multiple endings and all 16 have alternative mixes to provide variation. Mark has also provided hits and musical FX that will be included on the accompanying toolkit albums. The four albums will provide almost endless possibilities for creating incredible trailers!