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SCL Equipment Finance, a nationwide company providing equipment financing services to small-to-midsize businesses in the production, broadcast and multimedia industries, rolled out a new four-hour funding service available for its production industry customers, as well as a higher window of financing amount. The new financing solution allows qualifying customers to apply, get approved and funded all within four hours, so they can finance the equipment they need to grow their business.

Established in 1992, SCL Equipment Finance is a long-time provider of equipment financing to companies in the production, broadcast and multi, media industries. Through a simple approach to financing and a one-page application, businesses are able to grow by obtaining capital and conserving working capital. The company also offers working capital as a service in addition to its traditional equipment financing solutions.

SCL Equipment Finance recognized the challenges that new businesses face when seeking financing. The company addressed this issue by opening its funding to new businesses and startups, and raising its financing approval amount to $75,000 for this customer base.

“We understand that with the rapid technological changes in the industry, it is essential for photographers and cinematographers to stay on top of the game by using the most up-to-date equipment available,” said Barbara Griffith, President of SCL Equipment Finance. “With our newest financing solutions, we are happy to provide the much needed financing that allows even sole proprietorships and independent contractors to acquire the equipment they need to grow and produce an income.”

SCL Equipment Finance
Southern California Leasing, and its division -SCL Equipment Finance-, is a nationwide company providing equipment financing to small-to-midsize businesses since 1992. SCL specializes in the production/broadcast, medical, recycling, waste handling and packaging industries. The company’s access to a wide range of funding sources, marketplace lending and crowdfunding allows for its customers to obtain fast and convenient funding solutions.

SCL Equipment Finance provides solutions for manufacturers, distributors and product resellers. Through financing, the company helps businesses expand, improve cash flow, conserve credit lines and upgrade the technology they use.
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