Raising the Bar and Steadying the Super 8 Image:
Pro8mm announces the launch of ImageMill Stabilization to the Millennium II Scanner

Pro8mm is thrilled to announce the addition of Steady ImageMill stabilization to our state-of-the-art Millennium II scanning suite, a tool that will forever change the way we look at Super 8 film used in production. Steady will offer significant improvement for Super 8 film, which has some inherent movement, often known as the “Super 8 jitter.” This movement has been a challenge for decades for Super 8 camera work that is set on a tripod, dolly, crane or other camera stabilizing equipment. Super 8 does not behave well under these external stabilizing tools, but ImageMill stabilization will change that.

The Steady ImageMill stabilization system is capable of operating regular 8, super 8, pro 8, max 8, 16mm and super 16mm film. It provides sub-pixel video and data stabilization whether working in standard definition, high definition, or 2K data. It works at all resolutions independent of film type, film gauge or image format.

Steady is a programmable function within DaVinci 2K. The stability parameter can be done with scene-to-scene color correction, a variety of framing options, and various scan rates. It operates on a frame by frame basis. Image instability whether caused by the film or in the camera can be stabilized in real time without loss of image quality. No enhancements or artifacts are added. The ImageMill will allow horizontal or vertical correction to the natural “jitter” that is apparent even when Super 8 film is intended to be stable. Other features include a live wipe control, allowing clients to see a split screen of the corrected settings vs. the natural setting.

Pro8mm’s Millennium 2K state-of-the-art scanning suite with DaVinci color correction already offers a variety of output options when transferring to digital files, including one-light vs. scene-to-scene color correction, a variety of framing options, scan rate options, file format options such as 444 10-bit uncompressed, ProRes and more. We are thrilled to add the choice of image stabilization to our menu of digital mastering options. And best of all, it will be free to any clients who want to use it to enhance the stability of their Super 8 images.

To see a sample of Pro8mm’s Steady ImageMill Stabilization, as used on the Millennium 2K scanner for Crooked Beauty, a film by Ken Paul Rosenthal, visit: www.crookedbeauty.com and click on trailer.

Rhonda Vigeant

Vice President of Marketing

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