The replacement of inefficient lighting tungsten in TV Studios is a priority for US, & Latin American TV Networks and channels.

Celebrating the International Year of LIGHT FLUOTEC has been imparting workshops and seminars, educating its customers about the dangers to the environment in the continuation of use of inefficient tungsten incandescent lighting.

FLUOTEC has changed thousands of these inefficient Fresnel’s in the Best TV Networks achieving for its customers substantial savings (More than 80% of their electric power invoice).

Besides the savings and green energy environment, The STUDIOLED FRESNEL FLUOTEC luminaires are based on the most advanced technology and world class manufacturing.

The new stars of Television Lighting AURALUX plus & VEGALUX plus STUDIOLED FRESNELS by @FLUOTEC youtu.be

Fresnels are workhorses of stage lighting and the most common luminaire used on television and motion pictures.

The Vegalux 300™ Fresnel with the Nebula Diffusion Chamber Technology® system, mixes and diffuses the light rays of each LED and emit a pure white light output, specially designed for Broadcast & Motion Picture applications.

It uses 2 two sets of high quality, powerful White LEDs with high TLCI Index and CRI+90 that works in the 3200K-5200K CCT range.

The VEGALUX 300™ delivers a luminous flux of equivalent incandescent lights with power requirements of 2000W, while using only 338W

These powerful STUDIOLED FRESNELS are extremely efficient in their use of energy,

Our AURALUX Plus & VEGALUX Plus Fresnel’s produce less heat so TV studios and Motion Film stages do not require air conditioning or refrigeration, with these savings, an increased profitability is achieved and with it, an ecological and sustainable operation.

Additionally FLUOTEC´S STUDIOLED FRESNEL´S AND PANEL fixtures have a lifespan of over 50,000 hours, which reduces replacement and maintenance costs formerly associated with incandescent lights that usually have these TV studios.

With these new and innovative LED lighting FRESNELS AURALUX PLUS and VEGALUX PLUS (TM), Television networks can achieve great energy savings and beautiful, well lit, and comfortable stage environments for their hosts and talents.

FLUOTEC offers its customers around the world the best lighting solutions for Televisión studios

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