East Coast Digital Provides Complete Post Production For Samsung Gear Indie VR Filmmaker Contest Winner “Cardboard City”


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East Coast Digital, New York City’s complete post production facility, took the lead in Virtual Reality (VR) content with its work on the 360-degree VR project “Cardboard City.” The :60 short film was a co-winner of the Samsung Gear Indie VR Filmmaker Contest and its “There in 60 Seconds” challenge, collecting a $10,000 prize in the first of a series of competitions from the global electronics giant.

“Cardboard City” premiered at the Samsung Studio during the 2016 Sundance Film Festival. It can also be viewed on the Gear Indie channel on Samsung Milk VR, as well as on YouTube. Directed by Kiira Benzing of Double Eye Productions, it provides an immersive visit inside the enchanted studio of Brooklyn-based stop motion animator Danielle Ash, who has built a cardboard world inside her studio from the pickle vendor, to the bakery, to the neighborhood bar. As her studio comes to life, viewers find themselves transported inside a cardboard rollercoaster.

With comprehensive facilities in SoHo and its new midtown location, East Coast Digital was selected to provide post production for “Cardboard City.” An early adopter of post services for the VR format, East Coast Digital performed editorial, 3D animation, color correction, and audio post for the award-winning project. All post was overseen by East Coast Digital President Scott Kleinberger and Post Producer Stina Hamlin.

“Post production for VR is a tough challenge,” says Benzing. “There is an immense amount of footage to handle, and it's easy for one piece to go wrong. A post house has to be innovative enough to want to deal with VR, and I’ve found East Coast Digital to be encouraging of innovation: They’re team players that have been incredibly supportive in helping us to meet our needs and manage the post production workflow.”

Benzing and East Coast Digital are already collaborating on the follow-up to "Cardboard City." A full-fledged 360 VR short film, the sequel will be even more technically advanced and create additional possibilities for interaction with the user.

“East Coast Digital always strives to be at the leading edge of content platforms like VR, which is a very exciting development in post production,” Hamlin says.

Adds Kleinberger, “We have an agile and highly experienced roster here that was excited to get involved in this process. It was wonderful working with such a talented team."

About East Coast Digital:
New York City-based East Coast Digital (ECD) provides complete post production services for content creators. Founded by Scott Kleinberger in 1998, ECD offers offline expert editorial, color correction, audio mixing, delivery, archive/asset management, mobile rental systems and more for a wide range of clients, industries and media formats. ECD has two inspiring NYC locations, at 155 6 Avenue in SoHo and 519 8Avenue in Midtown. For more information, visit www.eastcoastdigital.com.

Creative Credits:
Project: "Cardboard City” VR project

Production Company: Double Eye Productions, New York
Director: Kiira Benzing
Art Director: Danielle Ash
Narrative Designer: Eulani Labay
Producers: Danielle Ash, Kiira Benzing, Eulani Labay, Tarik Mohamed
Cinematographer: Tarik Mohamed
Gaffer: Mike Doyle
Technical Director: Jimmy Marerro

Post: East Coast Digital, New York
Editor/Animator/Post Sound Designer: Danielle Ash
Post Producer: Stina Hamlin
Colorist: Verne Mattson
Chief Technical Officer: Scott Kleinberger