Introducing an Industry First: AI Video & Audio Search Discovery Tool with Simple Drag-and-Drop Function


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MotionElements ­ Asia’s #1 marketplace for video and audio creators, introduces VisualSearch and AudioSearch v2; two improved revolutionary tools that simplifies all creators’ search for that perfect footage or music to use in their projects.

“VisualSearch & AudioSearch solves one of the biggest challenges that all video and music producers, editors and other creators face. There’s always a barrier when one has to search for an image, video or song,” said Mark Sun, Co­founder and CEO of MotionElements “and that barrier is in typing out the relevant words or phrases into the search bar; and then getting relevant results from that search.”

We may all have experienced that one time when we have to find footage with a reference image and the image may be really hard to describe in words! The time spent in typing out all permutations of that image can be saved with just one easy Drag­-and-Drop function in VisualSearch. When the results shown are a close match but not exactly what is needed, VisualSearch can be used again to locate other similar options in seconds!

This 1 minute video ( demonstrates the key benefits of VisualSearch

The same challenge in searching for videos and images are present too with music. Perhaps the music needed has already been used by others, but a similar tune could work. Or maybe all that’s needed is an outro track that’s similar but different to the intro music. AudioSearch is the tool to help with such time­-consuming situations. Rather than trying to dream up appropriate keywords or manually input criteria like tempo and key, a user simply selects a music file on the computer and drags it onto the AudioSearch box.

In seconds, advanced algorithms analyse the rhythm, structure and chord progression of a song. Based on those criteria, it returns dozens of relevant results from MotionElements’ catalog of more than 200,000 royalty­-free songs and sound effects. Users can also use AudioSearch to find similar songs and sounds within an existing set of search results, all with a single click!

This video ( highlights the 2 easy ways to use AudioSearch on MotionElements.

Both VisualSearch & AudioSearch tools utilise an AI (Artificial Intelligence) technique known as Machine­-learning, which has also been applied with recent breakthroughs in object recognition, natural language processing and speech recognition.
“We have invested all our efforts in improving these tools for our users because we genuinely believe that less time spent searching, is more time for creating!” said Mark Sun, CEO of MotionElements

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