Asian Superstar's Book Finding Julia, Based on the Movie, Goes on Sale


New York, New York

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Finding Julia, the book based on Asian singing and acting sensation Ha Phuong's new feature film, goes on sale Dec. 14, 2017.

Inspired by events in Phuong's real life, Finding Julia tells the story of a Eurasian acting student, Julia Chamonix, who's haunted by the tragic death of her Vietnamese mother -- a former star actress and singer in Vietnam -- and her own secret desires. Caught between two cultures, East and West, Julia questions if she will ever fit in anywhere.

"I looked at Julia and immediately thought of the young girls in Vietnam, of my nieces from the countryside who always dream of America," says Phuong. "Everything has its own price and it will take a few generations to adapt to the American way of life, and it has nothing to do with how rich they are."

Published by HP Productions Inc., Finding Julia will be available on the Finding Julia website,, and on Amazon.

The film version of Finding Julia stars Phuong in the title role of Julia, Andrew McCarthy as her father and Richard Chamberlain as her demanding acting coach. Finding Julia premiered Oct. 28 at the Third Annual Asian World Film Festival in Los Angeles.

After scoring many best-selling albums and popular videos in her native Vietnam, Phuong is now an established New Yorker building her U.S. career. She recently released a new music video featuring her new English language single, the hauntingly beautiful “Lost in a Dream,” with profits going to her two philanthropic entities for children in Vietnam and the United States.